Developers of the Tamadoge blockchain gaming service are getting closer to launching their highly anticipated game after completing one of the best-performing presales in the market.

Another Step Closer to a Launch

Last week, the developers of the Tamadoge blockchain game shared the latest edition of their Doge Diaries, explaining what fans can expect from the game.

In this edition, they shared concept art and in-game pictures that give fans a bit of a sneak peek into what they can expect when Tamadoge launches fully. The pictures featured an image of the Doge Desert and a Tamadoge pet completing tasks to earn tokens.

Its developers also added that they have been working on perfecting their non fungible token (NFT) arcade integrations. Once the game launches, players can choose the Tamadoge NFTs they own and utilize those NFTs in order to take advantage of the game’s various statistical benefits. These stats will affect pets differently depending on their abilities, so players must exercise caution when using them.

The new updates underscore the significant work the Tamadoge team has been doing to bring the game to life. In previous editions, they shared that they had fleshed out different battle arenas, allowing their players to choose where they would like to battle within the game.

Tamadoge’s developers had initially planned to launch the game before the end of the year, but with all the updates they’ve given thus far, there has been no mention of a launch date yet.

However, considering how fast they have developed the game, there is no doubt that it could be ready by year’s end.

What Is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is a blockchain game that transports players into a virtual world where they can purchase NFTs representing digital pets. The objective is for players to groom their pets and use them to battle against other players, essentially creating a battle royale environment where they can earn rewards.

As explained earlier, players can choose where they want to battle in Tamadoge. And as soon as they win battles, they get rewarded with the platform’s native TAMA token.

Based on the updates, Tamadoge’s developers appear to be taking a more cautious approach toward game development. They began with a presale for the TAMA token, which sold out in just eight weeks and raised an eye-watering $19 million for the developers. This made TAMA one of the best-performing presales to come out of the crypto space this year.

Buy TAMA Now For Gains

Since its presale was completed, TAMA has launched on several centralized exchange platforms, including OKX and Gate.io. This means that TAMA holders can buy and sell the asset as they please, with optimal liquidity available.

Currently, TAMA trades at $0.01958, indicating a downtrend of 1.49% in the past 24 hours.

Tamadoge graoh 11/30/22

Nevertheless, there is growing optimism that TAMA’s price will surge once Tamadoge launches. There is no doubt that investors will be watching this asset closely.

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