Serum Price Forecast - Up 10% to $0.319, Is the New Look Serum Worth Buying Now?

Serum has been making notable gains in the past few days. In the last 24 hours, Serum has gained 10%, trading at $0.331. Despite these gains, Serum has yet to recover from the recent downtrend that saw the token drop 41% in the past week.

Serum price analysis

Serum is bullish today after making double-digit gains. The recent gains have seen the token recovering from a notable downtrend. In the last 24 hours, Serum has outperformed the broader cryptocurrency market, down by less than 1% over the past day.

Serum has been trading between $0.283 and $0.359, showing high volatility in the token. While short-term traders seem to be selling the token to take advantage of the recent gains, the bulls seem strong enough to sustain the uptrend.

If Serum remains bullish, it will likely rally to the $0.35 level again and test this resistance. Breaking past this level could trigger additional gains toward the $0.75 level and possibly rally toward $1.

Serum price analysis

Despite the impressive rally, Serum has yet to reach the overbought levels as seen in its Relative Strength Index, which stands at 51, showing neutral levels. As the bulls and the bears fight for control, it is likely that SRM will consolidate.

Serum fork is behind the recent gains

The price of Serum is bullish today following the community’s fork on the network. The fork was conducted to protect Serum users following the hack on the FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

Serum is a decentralized exchange on the Solana blockchain. The token’s price has doubled from $0.16 before the fork to the current price. After this fork, the Serum ecosystem is now more secure and has instilled confidence among SRM holders.

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If you missed the recent Serum pump, you should be on the lookout for some of the best presales happening this year.

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The RobotEra presale is also worth investing in today. The presale is in the first stage, allowing investors to be early participants in a Web3 gaming ecosystem focused on changing how players interact with the metaverse. This presale is nearing the $100,000 mark in funding amid growing interest.

The IMPT presale is also taking off well, having raised more than $12.84 million. IMPT is a token powering the platform, which solves one of the main challenges in the world today, which is climate change. By using blockchain technology, the platform seeks to solve this problem through a marketplace where individuals and corporates can retire their carbon credits.

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