Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a crypto gaming platform that allows people to enter into NFT prize draws in order to win a range of different prizes such as $1m in Bitcoin, a luxury home, and luxurious holidays.

Lucky Block is an NFT prize draw

The most significant part of the Lucky Block ecosystem is the NFT prize draw, which allows people to buy NFTs in order to participate in draws where they have the opportunity to win a range of different prizes.

Users can either buy an NFT for a specific draw in order to enter, or they can buy the Platinum Roller NFT in order to have a lifetime of entries.

Rumours that Lucky Block is launching new products

There are now rumours that the platform is to be launching a range of new products to build on their NFT prize draws.

The team at are allegedly planning to release a range of new games as early as next week, including Chinese games of chance such as Go.

Lucky Block is trying to expand on their position in the crypto industry by offering more than just NFT prize draws, and to expand into a range of other games that are based on chance.

The marketing campaign continues

The Lucky Block marketing campaign has been relentless, with the team having formed a range of partnerships across a variety of industries, such as the UK boxing scene.

Lucky Block partnered with the female boxer Claressa Shields, and is now offering their community the chance to win a ringside seat to the Whyte versus Franklin fight on the 26th November.

Lucky Block now listed on a range of exchanges

Lucky Block is now listed on a range of different exchanges, allowing for traders to gain exposure to the project more easily than ever before.

Currently, the LBLOCK token is listed on Pancakeswap, MEXC Global, Uniswap and LBank, and the team have plans to continue to expand to further centralised exchanges in order to be able to onboard more people to their ecosystem.

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