Robotics.Online lets you earn passively by investing in loans, cryptocurrency, robotics, and other future-oriented industries. The automated crypto investment platform makes use of 12-day investment terms with a potential to profit 465% annual percentage yield (APY).

Users can start investing with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC).

Free Investment Promo

As of now, first-time investors in Robotics.Online can claim a free $300 investment promotion when they open an account on the website to. The $300 worth of capital will be credited to their accounts for them to start investing through the platform at two 12-day terms.

Users will be able to keep the funds and the additional profits from the investment at the end of the two 12-day terms which total 24 business days. They will also be able to keep the lottery winnings from the investment a one lottery ticket is given for every $25 invested in the weekly lottery. These weekly draws have the chance of winning the $1 million prize.

There are no deposit fees nor fees for having an active investment account and users from all countries and regions can sign up.

The marketed 465% APY through the Robotics.Online investment strategy at 12-day terms are higher than the average profits from the stock market, bank savings accounts, and even real estate.

Image from Robotics.Online homepage video

What Is Robotics.Online

Founded in 2018, Robotics Inline LCC is a US company based in Delaware. With a focus mainly in investing in robotics and crypto, the company’s public investment solution was launched on September of 2019.

The platform boasts an overall positive rating on Trustpilot, showing more than 200 five-star rating reviews.

New investors can browse through the earnings statistics page on the site or download the annual report on PDF.

Here, profit from the last 12 business days from May 18 to June 2 amounted to a total of 4.65% in accumulated profits daily.

Image from Robotics.Online statistics page

Start Investing with Robotics.Online

If you want to learn more on this free $300 investment promo, sign up on the Robotics.Online to start investing in just minutes.

A homepage intro video as well as investment statistics are featured on the website alongside user testimonials and reviews.

Stay up-to-date with Busines 2 Community and our follow up review on Robotics Online as we take a deeper dive into how the platform leverages future-oriented investment schemes and how their autopilot compounding feature works.

Risk disclaimer – remember to invest only on what you can afford to lose. Past performance does not guarantee the same future results. Your capital is at risk.

Make a small test deposit and withdrawal when using bot software before committing to a larger investment.