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The year 2023 is proving to be a profitable one for the cryptocurrency market. The global crypto market cap has crossed $1 trillion for the first time in the last year. At the time of writing, the crypto market capitalization is $1.02 trillion.

The price of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and others have increased over the last 7 days.

In this blog, we will take a look at how Ripple (XRP) has become one of the favorite holdings of Binance whales. While Cardano (ADA) trading at $0.35 is falling deeper into the buying zone.

We will also analyze how Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is transforming the NFT industry with its cross-chain bridge capabilities.

Ripple (XRP) Makes It To The Top 10 Holdings Of Binance Whales

WhaleStats recently tweeted a surprising fact about Ripple (XRP). The renowned crypto data tracker revealed that Ripple (XRP) has become one of the top 10 most traded cryptocurrencies among the top 100 BSC whales.

Currently, Binance Whales have over 70 million XRP tokens in their portfolio, which is worth over $27.82 million.

The Ripple (XRP) accumulation trend started back in 2022. Since then, Ripple whales have started to invest millions of dollars into XRP. The same trend continued in 2023, resulting in a significant spike in the trading volume of Ripple (XRP).

The current whale accumulation trend may be due to the positive developments in the Ripple v/s SEC lawsuit. Ripple (XRP) has found strong support from prominent firms and lawyers, including Paradigm Operations LP and Lewis Rinaudo Cohen.

Currently, Ripple (XRP) is trading at $0.40, which is down by 20% in the last 3 months. On 5 November 2022, the price of Ripple (XRP) was $0.50.

Cardano (ADA) Price Falls Into The Buying Zone

Cardano (ADA) is showing no signs of recovery as its price continues to slide down. At the time of writing, the value of Cardano (ADA) is $0.35, which is down by 5.72% in the last 24 hours.

On 29 October 2022, the price of Cardano (ADA) was $0.43. Since then, the value of Cardano (ADA) has gone down by 18.6%.

Moreover, the price of Cardano (ADA) has fallen significantly, by 70%. On 10 February 2022, the price of Cardano (ADA) was $1.19.

The experts fear that Cardano (ADA) might slide, breaking its critical point of $0.30.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Releases Its dApp and DEX Prototype

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is the first cross-chain NFT bridge that facilitates the easy and secure transfer of non-fungible assets. Snowfall Protocol (SNW) envisions creating an ecosystem where users can seamlessly transfer fungible and non-fungible assets.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) targets high interoperability between multiple blockchain networks for smooth communication.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is set to launch on 3 February 2023. The team has also launched its dApp prototype, which enables users to easily swap tokens across EVM and non-EVM compatible networks. The NFT and crypto communities are pleased to see such a unique bridging solution.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has sold over 200 million tokens in its presale, raising over $3 million in funding. The price of Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has gone up 400% in its presale stages. The third presale is live, with over 85% of the total 100 million tokens sold in the first few hours of the presale.

Observing the surge in popularity of Snowfall Protocol (SNW) among investors, experts believe that its prices will go up by 1000x after the official launch.

Get in while you can and invest in Snowfall Protocol (SNW) today.