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IMPT is a revolutionary new project that hopes to forever change the way in which carbon credits are distributed and managed by putting carbon credits on-chain as NFTs.

The idea behind using NFTs for carbon credits rather than the antiquated system that is currently used for the marketplace is a brilliant one in that it will make the entire system far more efficient and transparent, and the enhanced UI and UX will mean that carbon credits will be able to be rolled out for individuals as well as companies.

What is so revolutionary about IMPT?

IMPT is a brand new cryptocurrency that hopes to change the way in which people interact with the market of carbon credits, by making it far easier for individuals to onboard them into their lives as well as companies.

The ultimate goal of carbon credits is to make the world a greener place and to reduce the level of carbon emissions that currently permeate across the planet.

Currently, carbon credits on a state level are only issued for companies that wish to pollute. This means that it isn’t practical for individuals to use them, and there is no incentive for the individual to act in a way that is socially responsible – IMPT hopes to change that.

Carbon credits are a large industry. Elon Musk’s Tesla makes the overwhelming majority of their profits not from the direct sale of cars: compared to Ford, Volkswagen, and Honda Tesla sells hardly any cars at all, and its market cap wouldn’t come close to being justified if the sole value proposition behind Tesla was selling cars.

Rather, the majority of Tesla’s profits come from the fact that they are heavily subsidised by the government and are able to sell a huge number of carbon credits to their competitors thanks to their green credentials – without government subsidies, Tesla would hardly be viable as a company.

In a world in which investing becomes more politicised, and valuations become more politicised in line with the green agenda, companies that are able to capitalise on the zeitgeist ought to flourish.

$3.7m raised at the presale

Thus far, the presale has been running for just over a week and has now successfully raised $3.7m. The presale is selling out far faster than the team originally expected, which goes to show that the community recognises the value proposition behind a company that is trying to use new blockchain technology to make the world a drastically greener place, and to the importance of allowing people to showcase their green credentials by “shopping responsibly”.

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IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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