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The crypto market is flooded with several meme coins seeking to provide early investors with explosive returns.

Despite the continuous launch of meme coins every week, one new competitor is catching investors’ attention.

Introducing Wall Street Memes ($WSM), a rising crypto asset that has generated a high level of excitement due to its vibrant community and potential to hit moonshot.

With the recent crypto market downtrend due to uncertain Federal Reserve interest rates and continuous SEC indictments, investors are losing faith in trendy meme coins like $REDDIT and $4CHAN.

Nevertheless, $WSM continues to thrive, attracting traders who seek the next dominant meme king capable of surpassing the popularity of $REDDIT and $4CHAN.

$REDDIT and $4CHAN Steep Bearish Fall Continues: A Better Alternative Is on the Horizon

$REDDIT and $4CHAN are amongst the new meme coins that have generated massive returns for early investors.

The $REDDIT token debuted on June 13th and has since pumped to over 2400% in a couple of weeks. However, the hype was short-lived, as the meme sensation has struggled to rise above its current bearish zone.

Reddit meme coin graph 6/23/23

At press time, $REDDIT trades at $0.007974 per token, indicating a downtrend of 58.29% in the last 24 hours.

Although the meme coin recorded a $1.2 million trading volume in the past day, this may be attributed to investors selling off their positions to cut losses.

Experts believe the token’s price rebound seems uncertain as it trades at 82.19% below its all-time high of $0.04476, recorded on June 20th.

$4CHAN, on the other hand, made its debut on May 3rd. Since its launch, the meme token has soared over 2600%, generating high gains for early traders.

$4CHAN graph 6/23/23

However, the exponential price pump may be over. This is because $4CHAN is currently 67.62% below its all-time high price of $0.0000000000003547 recorded on June 20th, 2023.

$4CHAN now trades at $0.15e-13 per token, indicating a 41.05% drop in the last 24 hours.

While the prices of $REDDIT and $4CHAN continue to plummet, an emerging meme coin, $WSM, has piqued inventors’ interest due to its immersive community hype and growth potential.

$WSM has been the subject of immense media coverage as investors continue to be intrigued by what makes this meme coin so compelling.

$WSM Harnesses Community Backing to Become the Next Meme King

$WSM is an emerging crypto asset that has become the most talked about meme coin over the past week.

The crypto asset launched its presale phase on May 26th and has raised a staggering $9.7 million from early birds.

Wall street meme meme coin

The token concept stemmed from the popular subreddit group “WallStreetBets.” WallStreetBets is a popular Reddit page that offers its members cryptocurrency trade insights and data-driven analytics to enable traders to have profitable punts.

$WSM’s major goal is to become a digital payment currency that enables every crypto enthusiast to gain access to the group.

The meme coin developers had already experienced mainstream success when they launched the “Wall Street Bulls” non-fungible token (NFT) collection. This sold out in approximately 32 minutes and generated a whopping revenue worth $2.5 million.

As the developers are keen to replicate the same success with the new $WSM coin, crypto enthusiasts are excited as they tout the meme sensation to explode in price. This is due to its reliable development team and vast community backing.

At press time, the Wall Street Memes official Telegram channel is gaining traction due to a massive influx of new members. Also, its Instagram page currently hovers at 500,000 followers.

The meme’s official Twitter account also has an impressive following of 237,000 members.

With vibrant communities spread across various social platforms, there is no doubt that Wall Street Memes will be a massive influence in redefining digital finance via its $WSM tokens.

$WSM Will Hit Moonshot: Buy at a Discounted Price on Presale

Investors seeking to be among the early investors of the next biggest asset in the crypto sphere can buy $WSM tokens via its ongoing presale and enjoy huge potential gains in the short term.

At press time, $WSM is at the 17th stage of its presale, with an impressive $9.7 million raised already.

As detailed in the project’s whitepaper, the meme coin is expected to be listed on public exchanges once it concludes its fast-selling presale.

A unique aspect of Wall Street Memes is its tokenomics. Due to its structure, $WSM is poised to have sustainable price action post-launch.

The presale consists of 30 rounds, which means investors will have different entry points, and profits will vary once it becomes public.

Furthermore, only 50% of the tokens are being sold during the presale. The remainder is kept for liquidity purposes and community rewards.

As a result of these factors, along with the reputation of the development team and the project’s large following, Wall Street Memes is expected to become one of the next crypto coins to explode.

Investors can purchase the $WSM tokens for a discounted price of $0.0298 today before the price increases.

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