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Metropoly is a new blockchain project bringing a new perspective to the real estate space through property tokenization. Its platform is now available in beta, and interested investors can get in now!

Metropoly Beta Is Live

The Metropoly beta version went live earlier this month, offering a dashboard where investors can test the platform. The beta 2.0 version offers access to Metropoly’s premium features, including asset trading, auctions, and mortgages. Additionally, users will be able to view monthly cash flow payouts made directly into their wallets in the form of USDT.

A new version is expected to be released soon. Although no specific date has been announced, it is rumored to feature advanced personalization tools, allowing users to enjoy a more tailored experience.

How Metropoly Works

Metropoly is a self-styled decentralized marketplace for real estate non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform was built to democratize access to the real estate market, providing properties in the form of NFTs and allowing investors to access them easily.

The platform’s developers understand that real estate is still one of the most vibrant industries in the world, with trillions of dollars in value. However, the industry is notorious for being relatively illiquid.

Most real estate investors understand that cash flow opportunities exist but may only appear after some time, and as real estate values rise, the market can become more restrictive.

These issues can now be resolved thanks to Metropoly. The platform acquires properties vetted and verified by independent valuators, tokenizes them, and generates NFTs to represent them. Investors can purchase these NFTs on the platform and own the properties they represent outright.

Metropoly also offers fractional property ownership, which allows investors to pool their resources to purchase properties. Essentially, properties will be broken down, with investors owning small portions of them based on their capital contributions. As a result, even the smallest investors can own a portion of the most valuable properties and profit directly from them.

Metropoly’s Benefits

Metropoly provides myriad benefits for anyone looking to enter the real estate space. For instance, its decentralized marketplace allows users to access token auctions where they can directly bid on properties. There is also an Emergency Sale feature, where users can sell their NFTs immediately – albeit for a slightly lower price than the market value. This will address the market’s liquidity issue and make cash more accessible to investors.

Besides this, there is a Launchpad where early platform adopters will be able to access NFTs first and bid for them. With the platform currently in its beta stage, this is a good time for anyone to join, especially since there is a 5% discount on NFTs.

Finally, the Mortgage platform allows NFT holders put their properties up as collateral to access loans. This is one of the most significant advantages of Metropoly because it provides easy access to funds by utilizing properties already owned by investors.

The METRO Token

As part of its blockchain operation, Metropoly will also operate using its native token. The digital asset with the ticker METRO will act primarily as the base for transactions and rewards within the ecosystem.

In addition to purchasing real estate NFTs with METRO, users can sell their NFTs and get the token in return. METRO can also be staked, with asset holders gaining platform governance through the Metropoly decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The crypto token is currently amid its initial rollout, which includes a presale. The presale has been impressive thus far, with over $540,000 in investor commitments already.

With the real estate market expected to grow significantly, METRO is one asset investors would want to consider.

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