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Play to Earn Revolution – Your Physicality Is What Makes This Gaming Ecosystem So Good but Time to Invest is Running Out Fast

Fight out play to earnFor the past few months, there has been only one innovative play-to-earn (P2E) crypto project on investors’ minds in the market, and that is, beyond doubt, Fight Out ($FGHT).

This fast-paced project utilizes the Web3 integrated gaming feature that enables participants to earn for just keeping fit.

Already on presale, the crypto platform has raised a whopping $5.66 million in investments.

However, what are the main reasons for Fight Out’s accomplishments and uniqueness?

Revolutionizing the Train-to-Earn (T2E) Sector

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a fast-growing model in the crypto industry that enables participants to earn crypto rewards or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for completing gaming tasks.

To offer members more perks, Fight Out integrates a Train-to-Earn (T2E) mechanism to back its P2E concept.

Fight Out asserts to be a blockchain-powered ecosystem that provides virtual health recommendations. The platform’s main goal is to motivate health and fitness enthusiasts with cryptos and NFTs rewards to complete exercises and improve their fitness levels.

Before the advent of Fight Out, the fitness industry faced challenges in the form of overpriced gym memberships, poorly coordinated training routines, lack of social interaction, and many more.

However, the debut of Fight Out and its robust application attempts to proffer solutions to these issues while rewarding participants with financial incentives.

To further enable users to live a healthy and fit life, the new T2E project provides in-depth guidance, detailed resources, and cutting-edge smart technology to increase users’ work outs dedication.

Besides integrating Web3 technology to offer P2E opportunities to those with no access and opening its ecosystem to the mass without discrimination, Fight Out is geared towards reputable partnerships.

The gaming project has partnered with real-life fitness and healthy athletes to act as project ambassadors, including Savannah Marshal of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition, Tailor Santos and Armada Ribas of the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) sports competition, and Tremayne Dortch, a renowned fitness blogger.

The concept behind the ambassadorship is to support the concept of a gamified gym experience and provide adequate tools in the form of workout and motivation videos needed to stay dedicated to workout routines and tasks.

According to the Fight Out whitepaper, its robust app features a digital currency called $REPS, used to pay out incentives.

Members can use $REPS to get discounts on subscriptions on the platform, which may take the form of online fitness tutorial subscriptions and other in-app purchases on the Fight Out marketplace.

However, thriving at the heart of the Fight Out ecosystem is its native token, $FGHT, which powers up transactions, staking, and governance.

Fight Out Is Set to Be One of the Propellers of Metaverse Adoption

The gaming industry has been in its medieval and disheveled state for a long time. It has been nearly impossible for emerging start-ups to integrate a financial model of Web2 games previously ruined by nominal gaming companies.

This is why the concept of Web3 is spreading like a bonfire, as it is tipped to offer earning models to all players.

Fight Out is keen to be a major catalyst of these reforms as it prioritizes earning mechanisms for participants to create not only a source of gaming entertainment but also reward them for engaging.

There were other P2E platforms before the advent of Fight Out, but incapabilities have plagued each.

Fight Out will continue to thrive in the metaverse gaming world as it follows the thread of Web 3 gaming technology.

Unlike existing P2E projects that require a complex NFTs structure before players can game, the project provides each member with a unique NFT avatar that mirrors physical features and represents their gaming progress.

That being said, it is clear as daylight why $FGHT is the best P2E investment in the crypto market right now and the reasons behind its exponential success in public presale.

Fight Out benefits all users and has real-life utilities to keep it soaring in price value – ready to invest?

Buy $FGHT Now at the Lowest Price – Penultimate Presale Ending in Three Days

Already in its penultimate phase, now is the best time to buy some $FGHT tokens.

As of press time, the digital asset has garnered strong interest from investors and raised over $5.66 million in presale investment, making it one of the hottest projects right now.

The $FGHT token trades at $0.03090 USDT. However, there will be a continual increase in price until March 31st, when it will be listed at 0.0333 on centralized exchanges (CEX), including Uniswap, XT.com, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, and DigiFinex.

Fight Out is still accepting presale investors keen to support the project and earn a massive return on investments in the future.

The platform has already provided a bonus percentage for early investors. This bonus is up to 67%, which is strictly based on how many $FGHT tokens investors purchases and the length of the vesting period.

Investors ready to participate can proceed to the project’s official website and follow instructions.

Buy FGHT Now

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