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The play to earn gaming space has been growing significantly over the course of the last few years, with projects such as Axie Infinity becoming some of the top gainers over the course of the last bull market.

Meta Masters Guild joins the play to earn space with a bang

Meta Masters Guild is a brand new play to earn gaming guild that creates its own games, and has joined the space with a bang – with only a few days of their presale having been completed, the team has already managed to raise an impressive $380k for their project.

Their community is thrilled with the prospect of a brand new racing game that is sure to compete with some of the best in the metaverse gaming space thus far.

Race for your faction in the metaverse

The first game that the Meta Masters Guild is creating is a kart racing game in which players must choose to join one of three different factions: cyber, punks or apes.

These factions then race against one another in the metaverse, with the opportunity to win rewards in the MEMAG token, which has a variety of utility within the ecosystem.

The MEMAG token is also used for a range of different features throughout the ecosystem, such as buying skins and upgrading one’s kart.

However, the token also has a monetary value, meaning that users can actually earn financial rewards for the time that they spend playing the game.

$380k now raised – participate before next price rise

The Meta Masters presale has been selling out very quickly thus far, with over $330k now having been raised in just a matter of weeks.

This demonstrates that there is a huge interest from investors in the project moving forward, who are keen to participate in the ecosystem.

At the current stage of the presale, the price of the token stands at just $0.007, but this will rise throughout the various stages of the presale. At the next stage, the token price will rise to $0.01, and by the final stage the token will be selling for $0.023.

There isn’t much time left before the first stage of the presale has been completed, meaning that those who wish to contribute to Meta Masters Guild at the best possible prices ought to do so as soon as possible.

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