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Play to earn phenomenon Calvaria has been taking the world of cryptocurrencies by storm over the course of the last few months, bringing their revolutionary battle card game to the space. Those who don’t want to miss out in the presale ought to do so promptly, however, as there is only $400k left before the presale reaches its conslusion.

What is Calvaria: Duels of Eternity?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a brand new play to earn gaming ecosystem that prides itself on not only being enjoyable and fun to play, but also meaningfully worthwhile for those who do so.

First and foremost, Calvaria is a battle card game in which players can build and curate their own decks in order to battle against opponents competitively.

For doing this, they are able to have fun in a Pokemon-style game, as well as earn rewards denominated in the RIA token. Those who wish to can even wager their RIA against other players for higher rewards.

Vote on the future of Calvaria with the Calvaria DAO

The Calvaria DAO is at the heart of the Calvaria ecosystem, and reflects the team’s desire to decentralise the governance as much as is feasible.

DAOs have become extremely popular over the course of the course of the last few years thanks to the promise that they offer for managing a project in a more secure and sustainable way.

Anyone can contribute to a DAO in any way that they choose, and any member of the community can thus make their voice heard.

Holders of the RIA token are able to vote on the changes that they want to see the project make going forward, and have the ability to make their voices heard. This is extremely useful as it means the team is able to more effectively leverage the hive mind of the community and take what they are saying into consideration in a way that other projects aren’t always able to.

Only $400k left of the Calvaria presale – don’t miss o ut

The Calvaria presale has been selling out exceptionally quickly, with over $2.7m having been raised thus far – a feat that is all the more impressive when one considers that we are currently in the depths of a bear market and most projects are struggling to gain funding.

The presale is now in its final stage, with less than $400k left to be sold before the presale finishes -. This means that time is running out for those who wish to contribute at the earliest stages before the token lists on a series of exchanges at the end of the month – don’t miss out.

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