Cryptocurrency/blockchain-based games have exploded in popularity in the last few years. According to analysis by Markets and Markets, the crypto gaming space will grow from $4.6 billion in size in 2022 to $65.7 billion in size by 2027.

For the first time in video game history, so-called play-to-earn (P2E) crypto games offer non-professional and casual gamers a viable path to generating income as they play. And, given the decentralized and transparent nature of the blockchain technology that underpins these new crypto games, users trust the digital assets that they are earning.

According to a recent survey of game developers commissioned by blockchain entertainment firm Coda Labs, 75% of developers expect to work on web3 projects in the future and more than half think that web3 will revolutionize the gaming industry.

The CEO of Coda Labs commented that the survey “shows that a majority of developers have already dipped their toes into Web3 game development, driven by benefits such as additional funding, new revenue streams, and player retention”.

Axie Infinity showed in 2021 that it is even possible for users to make a living off of in-game earnings alone. One particular niche in the crypto gaming space has been garnering particularly strong interest.

That is the niche where players compete against each other with rare, collectible battle “cards”, which are actually non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stored on the blockchain.

Calvaria – Crypto’s Next Big Thing

There have been a few success stories in this space, most notably Gods Unchained and Splinterlands. But with only around 2,000 and 185,000 unique active wallets interacting with each respective game’s smart-contract platform in the past 24 hours, according to DappRadar, its safe to say that neither game has yet been able to crack into the mainstream.

But a new game is here to change that. Calvaria, which is set to release its headline fantasy-themed game “Duels of Eternity” in Q2 2023, is the next evolution of the P2E crypto collectible battle cards game. The game is set to feature industry-leading gameplay, best-in-class graphics and artwork, a rich and immersive storyline/universe lore, all backed by the best crypto ecosystem in the space.

Calvaria players collect and build a deck of battle card NFTs, which they can then use to battle one another or complete challenges, all whilst earning rewards in the form of Calvaria’s RIA token. RIA is the token that powers Calvaria’s ecosystem.

Calvaria aims to piggyback off of the past virality of physical card games like Yu-Gi-Ho and Pokemon and seeks to drive web3 gaming adoption by lowering the barriers to participation by non-crypto native users. Users will be able to play the game for free and without having to connect a crypto wallet.

Meanwhile, the fact that Calvaria is being built on the Polygon blockchain, an Ethereum scaling solution, means that transactions are set to be very fast and cheap. The same cannot be said for games being built, say, on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which suffers from much greater levels of network congestion and higher fees.

Meanwhile, unlike many of its competitors, Calvaria will be playable via mobile application and on the computer, opening up the game to the widest potential user base possible. Calvaria has some big backers, including the likes of KuCoin, Polygon Studios,, and Chainplay.

The project has received favorable news coverage from a wide range of news websites, including the likes of Benzinga,, Business 2 Community, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News. Calvaria was recently ranked as the third-best P2E game by Business 2 Community.

Visit Calvaria here

RIA Could See 10x Returns

Calvaria certainly looks like its going to make waves in the crypto gaming space. Can cryptocurrency investors profit? Yes. Calvaria is currently conducting a token pre-sale and its selling out fast.

In the few weeks since the launch of the pre-sale, the project has already raked in over $2.54 million and only 18% of pre-sale tokens remain up for grabs. These tokens could be scooped up very quickly. Earlier this month, a crypto whale made a huge $97,500 purchase.

Tokens are currently going for about $0.325 each, which observers have called a very favorable price. If investors miss out on the opportunity to get tokens in the presale, they will have to wait until the tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in early 2023.

Given the past initial coin offering (ICO) success of similar cryptocurrency projects, its not out of the question that RIA could see 10x gains. Take the Gods Unchained pre-sale then ICO back in 2021. GODS tokens were being sold for $0.336 each in the pre-sale, but shot as high $9.0 per token in December following the ICO. That’s a 26x return to any pre-sale investor who managed to sell at the top.

GODS saw 26x returns post-ICO. Source: TradingView

Granted, that ICO took place back in the middle of the crypto bull market and GODS has since fallen about 97.5% from its record highs levels to around $0.20. But ICOs often draw in big hype, so there traders shouldn’t discount the possibility of RIA tokens mooning, even if that rally is temporary.

How to Buy Calvaria’s RIA Token?

Interest investors can easily get their hands on RIA tokens via Calvaria’s website. All they have to do is press “Buy now” in the pre-sale box. They will then be directed to another page where they can connect their MetaMask or WalletConnect cryptocurrency wallet. They will then enter how much RIA they wish to purchase, before signing off on the transaction in their cryptocurrency wallet in the usual manner, including agreeing to pay a gas fee.

How to Buy RIA

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