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Pitbull Coin, a meme token on Binance Smart Chain which is highly deflationary and comes with unusual quirks such as reflections and auto-staking.  Many have been entranced by the promises of the team behind Pitbull Coin, but perhaps Tamadoge offers a better alternative.

Over the past few years there have been all sorts of meme tokens and meme coins launched on BSC, and most of them have been quite disastrous. There are very few that have any long-term sustainability and the overwhelming majority have not succeeded.  Investors ought to be looking more deeply into projects that are building on a strong foundation.

Tamadoge may be a safer alternative

Tamadoge is a P2E gaming ecosystem launching on the Binance Smart Chain, and is currently midway through its beta sale, and has so far raised approximately $750k. Rather than launching on BSC, the Tamadoge team have opted to launch on Ethereum.  This is because Ethereum has more usage than BSC and is far more established.

The reasons for which Tamadoge may be a safer alternative than other puppy-themed gambles on BSC is because there is real utility in cultivating a P2E ecosystem, metaverse, and superficially imposing artificial reality on real life.

Tamadoge beta now raised $750k

The Tamadoge beta sale has now raised in excess of $750k, and is well on the way to selling out the $2m hard cap early.

Investors are excited about all that the project has to offer, and for this reason they are flocking towards it.  First and foremost, there is the Tamaverse, which is a metaverse for gaming and socialising with your Tama NFT avatar.

Not only this, but the Tamadoge team are working to create an app that has artificial reality integration. This means that you’ll be able to point your phone at the world around you and see your Tamadoge in action.

Investors who were formed in the days of BSC puppy mania will be left high and dry if they cannot adapt to the changing meta. It is clear now that tokens with no use case cannot get by solely from having bizarre quirks in their tokenomics such as burns, reflections, and automated liquidity provision.

The team at Tamadoge realise this, and that is why they are offering an alternative: a P2E game that interlinks the worlds of the metaverse with artificial reality – certainly a more interesting project than Pitbull Coin, and certainly more likely to gain adoption.

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