Battle Infinity Allocates 2 of Tokens to IBAT Cares Community Security Initiative

The P2E game Battle Infinity recently made an announcement in which they unveiled a sneak peak for their upcoming staking programme. This programme will give IBAT holders the opportunity to lock up their tokens in exchange for a high yield, which is just one of more reasons to invest in the P2E phenomenon.

Less selling pressure allows prices to rise

The purpose of staking is to provide incentives for community members who believe in the project long term by rewarding them for deferring gratification.

Not only this, but as more tokens are locked up over time, there is less potential selling pressure.  This comes from both the fact that tokens are locked up as well as the fact that there are extra incentives for holding.

Earning interest on staked tokens means that those who support the project for the long term will have great advantages conferred to them.

Not only this, but it is a far more tried and tested strategy to simply buy and hodl than to trade, as far more investors make money than traders – with yield as an additional incentive for holding, the price becomes more stable.

At the moment, it is not known just how high the yield will be for staking IBAT. However, there will be several different staking options for both single sided staking and LP staking: users can choose to lock up their tokens for a range of different times, and those who choose to lock their tokens for longer periods of time will be eligible to earn more rewards.

IBAT is up over 100% since IDO

Battle Infinity’s presale was a huge success for the project, as it allowed the team to raise 16,500 BNB in only 25 days.

Since then, the token listed on Pancakeswap and began appreciating quickly.

Battle Infinity’s AMAs for transparency

Over the last few weeks, the team at Battle Infinity has been holding a series of AMAs in order to be as transparent as possible with their current community, as well as to welcome more people into the ecosystem.

Yesterday, members of the team joined the Meta Blockchains Telegram group to discuss the progress that the project has made so far, where the project is now, and where it is going.

Battle Infinity’s six products – more reasons to invest

The Battle Staking programme and the transparency of the team aren’t the only reasons to invest in IBAT, as the project is far more multi-faceted than that.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem has six core products:

The Battle Swap is Battle Infinity’s in-house dex, which allows for seamless trades against IBAT, the native token of the Battle Infinity ecosystem. IBAT is used as the currency for everything in Battle Infinity.

The Battle Infinity marketplace is where the community can buy and sell their NFTs, as well as upgrade and evolve them.

Battle Games are a series of games that comprise both mini games as well as larger-scale flagship games.

The Battle Arena is a large metaverse in which users are free to do as they please. Battle Infinity will be focusing on providing as much utility to this space as possible to ensure that the

The IBAT staking programme provides the opportunity for users to earn a high rate of yield on their

The IBAT Premier League purports to be the world’s first NFT-based e-sports metaverse in which players can battle against each other in a whole range of different games.

It is worth noting that after the Battle Staking programme goes live, the Battle Swap is to be the next item on the roadmap – the community can expect consistent developments to be rolled out over the coming weeks from the team at Battle Infinity, who will also endeavour to ensure that they are well-informed.

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