P2E Game Battle Infinity Launches Battle Swap DEX on 16 November

Battle Infinity is one of the most innovative projects in the blockchain space. The project features a play-to-earn feature and a decentralized finance feature. The Battle Swap decentralized exchange is launching on 16 November, which will boost the IBAT tokenomics.

Battle Swap DEX set to launch on 16 November

Battle Swap is a decentralized exchange within the Battle Infinity ecosystem. It is part of the Battle Infinity roadmap, and its launch could be bullish for the IBAT token. Battle Swap allows users to buy IBAT tokens directly from the platform. It will also allow users to convert their winning rewards into another currency.

Battle Swap is slated to launch on 16 November 2022, according to an announcement from Battle Infinity. The launch of this product comes after the completion of rigorous testing of the DEX on a testnet. The launch shows that the team is confident about the functionality of this DEX.

The launch of Battle Swap follows the launch of Battle Staking. The latter allows users to earn rewards and additional benefits while generating passive income. There are several benefits of staking IBTA tokens, including earning interest on IBAT holdings.

IBAT token retraces amid overall bearish pressure

The cryptocurrency market has been dropping significantly this week, with the global market cap dropping below $900 billion. This bearish sentiment has also been mirrored by IBAT, which has dropped 5.5% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, IBAT was trading at $0.00242.

The launch of the IBAT token could positively affect the IBAT token and enable it to decouple from the broader market. The launch will strengthen the Battle Infinity project’s fundamentals, making IBAT one of the best utility tokens in the crypto market.

The launch of Battle Swap joins the list of positive developments within the Battle Infinity ecosystem. On 8 November, IBAT was listed on the MEXC Global exchange, making it possible for retail and futures traders to hold IBAT in their portfolios.

The listing of IBAT on MEXC Global has exposed the token to a larger pool of investors globally. Before this listing, IBAT was available for spot trading on the LBank centralized exchange and the PancakeSwap DEX.

Battle Infinity is dominating play-to-earn

The Battle Infinity blockchain gaming platform has continued to garner much attention. The gaming platform allows players to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing real-world athletes. Players can create teams using the NFTs and change players.

The Battle Infinity game allows players to compete for points. The team will earn points depending on the performance of players within the team in the real world. The NFTs held by a player will earn points depending on the changing performance of a player.

When a season ends, the team with the highest points will win and receive rewards in IBAT. As seen from this gaming model, Battle Infinity has the potential to dominate the fantasy sports sector.


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