RobotEra is creating a virtual planetary reconstruction similar to the Sandbox metaverse. Players in this gaming project will assume the role of a robot, take care of their territory, and contribute to the ecosystem’s development. The in-game token $TARO, used for various in-world transactions, is currently one of the best metaverse coins to invest in, having raised over $794,000 in a matter of weeks.

Immerse in a Virtual World With Infinite Capabilities

RobotEra plans to provide a robust multidimensional metaverse platform where players can combine interaction, creation, management, and entertainment. It will be a second universe with infinite capabilities that benefit from cryptocurrency and digital assets in addition to being a vibrant game.

All gamers will enjoy an exciting gaming experience with RobotEra on the planet Taro. Everyone can engage, construct their universe, establish and manage their assets in this environment, regardless of age, gender, occupation, or socioeconomic class.

RobotEra provides a shared reality that connects to other worlds by opening theme parks, concerts, museums, and other establishments. Players will change into robots on the planet Taro, which serves as the game’s main NFT.

Players can also interact with members of various NFT communities while developing, sharing, operating, exploring, and trading. Together with other robots, they may design anything they wish and usher in a new era. Robots can enroll in one of seven different camps, each offering special advantages – Ω, Lava, Desire Paradise, Guardian Song, Justice League, Pioneer, and War Academy.

Robot friends are dependable allies and helpful members of all major forces. Players can assemble robot friends with various characteristics and abilities by mining minerals, gathering raw materials, constructing factories, and producing them on their continents.

The RobotEra planet is separated into different continents, namely: seven continents, the public continent, and the player continent. On Taro, players will be able to perform any task, including but not limited to mining, building, gathering and producing energy, playing, and so on. Their NFTs will reflect their unique artistic style, as they have complete control over this world and the freedom to use their imaginations.

TARO – The Driving Force Behind the Virtual World

TARO is the currency used in all exchanges and interactions within the RobotEra ecosystem. The $TARO coin powers the RobotEra multiverse and is already regarded as one of the best metaverse cryptos to invest in.

TARO is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token. It also serves various in-world transactions for developers, publishers, and gamers in the ecosystem. The token advantage is that it enables the creation and sharing of unique gaming experiences, enables players and producers to trade assets, and develops a user-based platform of incentives.

TARO is currently available for purchase. Although the asset’s presale is still in its early stages, over $794,000 has already been raised, which is outstanding.

Investors can purchase the crypto token for $0.020. However, the price will progressively rise when each presale stage is completed.

At press time, RobotEra has sold 39,695,989 of the 90,000,000 tokens allotted for the first stage. When stage one is over, stage two will begin, and the TARO price will rise to $0.025.

Investors can easily purchase with the USDT or ETH in their wallets. When the general presale is completed, they can use the claim website to receive their tokens.

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