OKB is the native token of the FTX exchange, and has been one of the few assets throughout the bear market to have performed relatively well. The rising exchange has caught the attention of investors, who are flocking to the project en masse.

OKB has now pumped by over 30% in 7 days

The OKB token has now pumped by over 30% in the last seven days, which is incredibly impressive when one considers the general lack of price appreciation across the rest of the market.

One of the main reasons that the increase in OKX’s price appears to be the fact that they have doubled down on transparency with their proof of reserves, and have managed to effectively demonstrate that there is nothing for their users to be concerned about – the ability to combat FUD at this stage of the market is extremely important, and they have done it well.

Indicators that the price could rise further

There are many indicators that the OKB token could rise much further, and could perform exceptionally well throughout the coming bull market.

Technical analysis for the the OKX chart is highly bullish, and many in the community are excited about the fact that Elon Musk recently began following OKX on Twitter.

Dash 2 Trade provides these key insights for retail

Dash 2 Trade is a platform that provides unique tools for retail investors and traders, and allows retail traders to be able to make more effective trading decisions.

The subscription service has a free starter tier, as well as a two higher tiers that come with a more replete set of features, requiring 400 D2T per month and 1000 D2T per month respectively.

Dash 2 Trade presale dashboard launches on the 4th

Dash 2 Trade’s presale dashboard is one of the features of the platform that investors are particularly excited about is the chance to participate in presales – retail investors will be able to compete with venture capitalists by investing in projects at the early stages.

As well as catering for traders, Dash 2 Trade also allows users to invest in early stage presales, and they will be able to do this from the 4th January (tomorrow).

All of the presales that are listed on the Dash 2 Trade platform will have been heavily vetted by the team, and will come with a range of detailed information about each of the projects on the site.

D2T lists on 3 CEXs on the 5th

Dash 2 Trade’s native token, D2T, is to be listing on three different centralised exchanges on the fifth January, which is expected to significantly boost the price as the token attracts a lot of liquidity and many new eyes to the project.

The exchanges that have been announced for listing thus far include LBank, BitMart, and Changelly Pro.

Only 3 days left of the D2T presale

The presale has been a huge success thus far, with over $12.5m now having been raised.

However, there are only three days left of the presale, before which time the price will rise to reflect the listing on various exchanges.

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