nft signals 12 million profit

NFT Signals is a trading signals service for NFTs, allowing members to profit from flipping NFTs – group profits are currently broken above $11 million.

Launched one month ago, the service is growing and that’s for good reason: NFT Signals is bringing home the bacon with consistent profitable returns.

Although NFTs as a sector have lost a lot of value over since the advent of the crypto bear market, the blowing away of the froth should not blind observers to the reality that there is still plenty of liquidity circulating in the sector.

However, the urge to get rich quick can sometimes lure people into highly dubious trades in terms of risk-reward potential, so knowing what to buy and when is key. That’s where NFT Signals comes in.

NFT Signals buys you access to professional traders

The service provides access to real-time signals from professional traders deeply knowledgeable in the space. But you don’t have to take their word for it – just look at the returns.

However, although speculation and volatility is the essence of trading, there is underlying value in NFTs as a secure way to verify ownership of digital (and non-digital) goods and to assign exchangeable value.

The art market has been the first arena to become subject to the disruptive powers of the technology, but art, by its nature, is a highly subjective form of asset to value – and it is a handle on the tastes and trends, combined with knowledge of who the best creators and curators are, that can lead to stratospheric profits from flipping NFTs.

Take the example of Pablo Rodriguez Fraile. This art collector  bought a 10 second video clip for $667,000 and was able to quickly sell it for $6.6 million for a return of 9,750%. Not bad.

Consistent high returns is the name of the game with NFT Signals VIP service

NFT Signals is all about consistent high returns. A couple of recent trades illustrate the point.

A trade in the Yagiverse NFT project produced a return on investment of 28.8%

yagiverse nft - nft signals

That was followed by a trade in the Office Hours NFT project, which yielded an ROI of 68%:

office hours nft - nft signals

You can get in on the action by signing up for the VIP signals on the popular £75 a month package and get 10 free signals thrown in.

Naturally you don’t have to follow all the trades. NFT Signals recommends that you do not place more than 5% of your trading pot behind an individual trade.

For your money you will receive real-time signals up to 100 times a month. The number o signals will vary depending on market conditions says the NFT Signals team, and they say they will not over trade either.

If you are interested in finding out more or signing up to the NFT Signals service, head over to their website here:

Don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose as crypto is a highly speculative and volatile asset class. The service from NFT Signals is a way to mitigate those risks.

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