NFT signals that deliver the goods for traders are hard to come by, unless that is you sign up for a service that is delivering big winners every week, with returns of more than $7 million already.

The trouble with Telegram is that is is full of scammers or tips and “inside intelligence” that proves to be very far from intelligent.

Not so with the new NFT Signals service. This week alone saw NFT Signals earned its members a 690% profit on the latest offering from Moon Bats and an equally impressive 114% on Asylum Halls.

The 2,500 pieces in the Moon Vamps collection from Moon Bats are selling for as much as 5 ETH each ($8,163).

Meanwhile, Asylum Halls has two hot collections. The Asylum Halls Genesis collection of 5,100 editions currently has a floor price of 0.14 ETH. Its most expensive piece is Asylum Resident #1760, which is currently being offered for 666 ETH ($1,087,464.78).

asylum halls

To get in on the action, go to and select from one of the three packages – monthly (£50), quarterly (£75 or annually (£250).

Each package guarantees at least five signals a week, up to as many as 20, depending on market conditions.

You also receive up-to-the-minute information on how to get onto top NFT whitelists, as well as free mint alerts for upcoming collections.

Free NFT Signals for early birds

There is currently an offer running on the site which means you get the first month of signals for free.

“Our £75 deal is popular but all of our packages come with one month free,” said head of marketing Darnell McWilliams.

“In addition to the signals, we have a vibrant VIP Telegram group where members can have their questions answered and get how-to tips from our pros, adds” McWilliams.

Although you will no doubt have read much about how the NFT sector is not what it was, with valuations plummeting across the board, if you look in the right places there are still plenty of trades to make money off .

Finding the opportunities means you need to know where to look – or you get a professional to do it for you, which is exactly the sort of product that is provided by NFT Signals.

“We are onboarding at a brisk pace and have noticed a surge this week, which is probably due to the crypto market picking up steam over the past few days,” says McWilliams.

NFT collection launches are still attracting plenty of cash

Testament to the fact that NFT trading is very far from stagnant, there are four new entrants in the top 10 this week alone, according to DappRadar.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection of 1,000 pieces continues to dominate the sales board in value terms. There are 11 BAYC NFTs in the top 15 NFTs by price.

Before you get started on your NFT trading journey you could check out our how to trade NFTs guide. Alternatively take a look at the educational material on NFT Signals that explains what non-fungible tokens are and how to get involved.

dapp radar top nft collection 22 july 2022

NFT Signals gives you the intelligence to trade and win

NFt Signals group members have between them shared $7.3 million in trading returns. The pros at NFT Signals say not to allocate more than 5% of your trading resources to any one trade in order to control risk.

With those sort of considerations in mind, the service provides a less risky approach to trading NFTs, as you can decide for yourself which signals you wish to act on and how much to devote to each.

For all those who are intrigued by NFTs and the gains to be made, but simply don’t have the knowledge, expertise or time to do your own due diligence, then NFT Signals is definitely worth investigating.

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