NFT Releases - Final Fantasy Card Collection to Launch on Enjin's Efinity-minEnjin, one of the largest ecosystems targeting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has unveiled a strategic partnership with Square Enix. The partnership will support the launch of a digital collection containing Final Fantasy VII’s 25th-anniversary cards and avatars on Efinity.

Efinity is a scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network that plans to bring NFTs to everyone. The digital collectibles to be launched through this partnership will be accessed by all consumers that buy items listed in the physical collection. These items will be launched in 2023.

Enjin’s Efinity to support the launch of the Final Fantasy card collection

Enthusiasts that want to pre-order the celebratory action figure can do so in the Square Enix store. The physical product will come with a redeemable code that depicts a digital version of the figure through the Efinity platform.

Efinity is a network powered by Enjin, supporting NFTs. Enjin has set itself aside in the web 3.0 & crypto sector by having a blockchain supporting developers, users and investors. The collectibles will be supported by the full product suite of the Enjin network offering environmental-friendly solutions for creating gaming products focused on decentralization.

The Enjin network has set itself apart by focusing on environmental sustainability. It plans to have carbon-neutral NFTs by 2030 by laying the foundation for Efinity on Polkadot, deemed the most carbon-efficient network.

Transforming the entertainment sector through blockchain

Enjin’s CTO, Witek Radomski, said the partnership with Square Enix would be revolutionary for entertainment and digital assets. Fans will have an easy user experience using Efinity without the hassle of using a blockchain. The Enjin network will also launch the next growth stage in blockchain entertainment.

Square Enix will use the Efinity blockchain and the Enjin Open Platform feature for seamless integration, management, and launch of its digital collectibles. The robust tech features offered by Enjin will support the wholesale management of the collectibles offered by Square Enix. and the Enjin wallet will also be the non-exclusive secondary marketplace and wallet solution for users.

Enjin promotes a user-friendly experience by ensuring freedom in the creative process. It will also allow anyone to create their own NFT products and features without knowing how the blockchain ecosystem works.

The blockchain-based gaming sector is attracting massive interest. Battle Infinity, a newly-released fantasy sports blockchain game, is transforming the space by giving users a feel of what a proactive and future-oriented project looks like.

Battle Infinity transforms the gaming industry by bringing gaming within the metaverse and blockchain ecosystem to support full decentralization. The IBAT token’s presale recently crossed $1.2 million in less than two weeks.


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