The UnchartedThe NFT market has definitely taken a hit in 2022, with the niche suffering alongside many others. However, there have been some signs of recovery as the year comes to an end.

Those recovery signs come in the form of NFT projects like The Uncharted. The latter has some unique components that strongly differentiate it from the rest of the pack. As such, it looks like it could boost NFT volume in 2023.

Why The Uncharted Will Boost the NFT Market

Volume on OpenSea and Magic Eden has been tanking this year because of the market crash. The volume on the latter has been dropping because it is a Solana-linked effort and that entire ecosystem has been crashing alongside FTX.

However, OpenSea has also been suffering, with 30 days volumes down 17% to $187 million. This drop has consistently been taking place over the past 6 months.

All is not lost as one NFT collection, The Uncharted, holds hope for investors. This collection is described as an adventure and a voyage. The project has 21,000 NFTs where holders gain access to a range of financial benefits.

The team emphasizes that the project is not one that is simply about collectibles but more about a financial journey. The overall mission is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Web3. The NFT collection is expected to launch in Q1 2023.

The Uncharted distinguishes itself from other NFT collections by linking the value to a High-Frequency Trading Fund. As the fund grows, NFT holders gain value. 100% of the sales revenue of the NFTs is allocated to the XETA Capital Fund (XCF) High-Frequency Trading fund. Users can expect to earn up to 400% annually based on the historical performance of the fund.

A percentage of the profit is distributed to NFT holders every quarter via an airdrop. There is also a 36-month period for investment, compounding, and distribution of profits. At the end of the 3 years, the fund is split between the NFT holders and The Uncharted LTD. However, users are not locked in and can sell their NFTs anytime in between on OpenSea.

The team has revealed their identities and they have experience in both finance and the crypto space. The Uncharted’s sister company is Xeta, which has raised $3.2 million and powers the NFT collection. The two entities are collaborating with each other.


The NFT market is in a slump now but that isn’t going to hold for much longer. Certainly not with projects like The Uncharted on the horizon, which have a lot to offer to collectors. New use cases will come up with respect to NFTs and The Uncharted is among those pioneering this new trend in NFTs.

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