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While the final season of Game of Thrones left much to be desired for fans, it did get one thing right: ‘There’s nothing more powerful than a good story’. Storytelling is a fundamental part of the human experience. It forges powerful emotional connections between people. Good storytelling helps individuals connect; as though they are part of something much larger than themselves.

Since the dawn of time, humans have wanted to share their stories and pass knowledge and lore to one another. The earliest cave paintings commemorate great hunting trips and events that brought communities together. Ancient Egyptians etched hieroglyphics into their walls to illustrate and share the story of their gods. Stories bring people together, and unite them towards common goals.


This concept resonates more powerfully than ever in Web3 communities. NFT collectors and play to earn crypto gamers feel innately linked and connected to their NFTs. Seeing fellow collection holders repping their NFTs on Social Media, or in NFT games, makes people feel as though they’re part of a unique story. For this reason, NFTs are becoming the next indispensable tool in Brand Building.

Web3 Brand Building and Storytelling

One of the most important aspects of successful Brand building is identity. When people wear recognizable brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton, it’s because they want to identify with these brands and what they represent. The same is true for NFT brands. In a world that is becoming progressively more and more digital, it makes sense that digital identities are more important than ever. NFT Brands like Bored Ape Yacht Club are already becoming the Rolexes of the next generation.

People collect NFTs that resonate with them and form tight communities based on similar interests. Play to earn crypto games are uniting players and building rich and profound universes like MetaBlaze. Brand building in the Web 3 world will be driven by compelling storytelling. By crafting immersive and engaging digital worlds, NFT games will lead the trend.


Web 3 will reimagine what we know to be possible in storytelling. World building will be driven by community involvement. NFT holders will actively contribute to developing stories and feel closer to their respective universes than ever before. Completing missions in NFT games with other holders will help players feel like they’re building a universe and telling their story together.

Shared triumph and camaraderie are unifying pillars of an NFT community. Crypto gaming and play to earn crypto mechanics will financially reward community members and rapidly expand the growth of NFT brands. All these aspects combine to build an invaluable brand with a core community of loyal holders, driving further sales as players wish to be a part of the universe.

It is clear that captivating and engrossing storytelling will be the next big trend to dominate and drive the NFT industry. In the rapidly evolving niche of crypto gaming, MetaBlaze stands head and shoulders above competitors in their quest to craft an absorbing, narrative-driven universe.


The Hero’s Journey: MetaBlaze

One team that is perfecting the art of storytelling is MetaBlaze. MetaBlaze is designing an immersive and dynamic play to earn crypto metaverse through compelling worldbuilding and rich narratives. The Hero’s Journey is perhaps one of the most popular story arcs in all of human history.

In the Hero’s Journey, an unlikely Hero is thrust into a dangerous world of insurmountable odds. Despite being confronted with overwhelming evil, the Hero is able to overcome seemingly impossible challenges through virtues of bravery, friendship and a quest for the common good. A popular example is the journey of Luke Skywalker and the Star Wars Universe. An orphaned farmer, kind and adventurous, must confront an ultimate evil with the help of his friends to save the galaxy.

Metablaze game

Like Luke Skywalker, the MetaGoblins of the MetaBlaze universe face what appears to be a hopeless future. Following a devastated galactic catastrophe, the MetaGoblin civilization was all but destroyed. Lost, dejected and stripped of their homeland, the remaining survivors must unite for the greater good of their society. Their quest for Terranzinite pits them against terrible dangers in their quest for survival in the mysterious world of Galaxia Blue, through a series of inventive NFT games.

Behind each Goblin NFT is a living, breathing MetaBlaze community member, all united with similar goals. This concept, in tandem with the revolutionary crypto economy of MetaBlaze, will ensure brand loyalty for years to come. The first game in a series of interlinked MetaBlaze games, MetaMinez will be launching in the near future.

Web3 Opens New Storytelling Possibilities – Changing MetaData

Breakthroughs in Web3 technology and blockchain functions are enabling NFT brands to further strengthen the connection between holders and their NFTs. In recent times, some NFT collections have added MetaData change functionality to their NFTs. This gives holders greater flexibility and choice regarding the appearance of their NFTs. Holders will be able to customize and inject a bit of their own personality into their favorite NFTs, naturally increasing holder loyalty.

This has huge potential in play to earn crypto games. For example, imagine sending your NFT character on a mission to a remote part of the MetaBlaze universe. By taking part in certain NFT games, characters will be able display unique, exceptionally rare, traits that are only available to NFTs who have completed dangerous missions.

While this process inherently increases the NFTs value and rarity, it also galvanizes the connection between the holder and the NFT. Overtime, players will complete a range of missions and quests that help each NFT develop its own authentic story. Each NFT will have its own history, triumphs and failures etched into the blockchain forever, further adding depth and complexity to the respective universe of the NFT brand.

In doing so, holders will experience events in the metaverse alongside their NFT. Shared experiences are a fundamental aspect of building emotional connection that will help build unique, story driven worlds. Because the NFTs are so deeply intertwined with the storytelling process, people will see them more as meaningful collectibles, rather than assets to be flipped for a quick profit.

People will see their favorite NFT stack achievements and stories in the very fabric of its code. These experience-rich NFTs will be a source of pride for holders, that represents their commitment and involvement within the universe. All while further propelling the story and solidifying the brand of their Metaverse.

The Next Big Trend

Crypto gaming has already reinvented what players expect from their favorite games. Projects like MetaBlaze are leading the charge by providing sustainable play to earn crypto mechanics in their NFT games. Financial rewards will attract players, yet the attention to vivid storytelling and immersive world building is what will ensure holder loyalty and brand recognition, making MetaBlaze one of the biggest trend leaders in the crypto gaming industry.

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Forge a New Story – The MetaBlaze Presale

To join a visionary new story being written in the expansive universe of Galaxia blue, head to the official site of the MetaBlaze Token sale. The presale token sale offers passionate play to earn crypto investors a unique opportunity to be a part of the MetaBlaze story from its genesis beginnings. Early investors will enjoy the benefit of purchasing $MBLZ, the native token of the MetaBlaze crypto gaming ecosystem at the discounted price of $0.00015069, and will receive a generous 5% token bonus per transaction. Here, you can learn how to buy MetaBlaze.

At launch, $MBLZ will trade at $0.0002. MetaBlaze has successfully raised over $3.1 million USD already, with over 2,000 participants eager to begin writing their own story in the Blaziverse. To find out more, visit the MetaBlaze site, or dive into the MetaBlaze Social channels and connect with thousands of other play to earn crypto enthusiasts.

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