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If you are on the hunt for the next crypto to explode you’ve come to the right place. Over the course of 2021, the Dogecoin price performed extraordinarily well, alongside the prices of a plethora of other puppy-related coins and tokens, such as SHIB and FLOKI.

However, as the most established, the most popular, and (arguably) the most decentralised of the puppy coins, Dogecoin stole a lot of the thunder.

Elon Musk’s tweets throughout the hype cycle helped DOGE to be one of the best-performing assets of the entire cycle. In fact, there were only two alt coins that performed better against BTC than they did in the last cycle: BNB and DOGE.

Many former Bitcoin evangelists, such as Richard Heart, have lamented the lack of potential in an asset that has “already reached the top of its S curve”. He often touts that investors seeking outsized returns should seek to allocate to projects with smaller market caps that still have plenty of room to grow.

Web2 and Web3 a natural market fit in gaming

Small gaming guilds over the course of the last few years, such as Merit Circle and YGG, have been created seemingly from thin air. The nexus of Web2 gaming communities and Web3 play-to-earn mechanics meant that there was a natural market fit.

Play to earn games, and the guilds that lower the barrier for entry to almost anyone, were one of the main stories of the last bull market. AXIE, SAND, ENJIN, MANA, etc., all performed extraordinarily well by using gaming as a means to reach mass adoption.

Those who missed the boat on these project won’t be able to achieve the same rewards in the future by simply jumping on the bandwagon of blue chips.

Smaller play to earn gaming projects that have huge potential could provide an opportunity as the next moonshot of 2022-2023.

Tamadoge presale has raised $90k – the next crypto to explode like Dogecoin?

Tamadoge is one such project. Focused on uniting not the puppy meme community with the aesthetics of Tamagotchi and a gameplay with unlimited potential in the metaverse.

The Tamadoge presale has one month left (unless the hard cap is reached before then), and the team are already at work to reach the milestones on their roadmap.

Most significantly, the team are developing the Tamaverse, which is a metaverse in which games can be played to accumulate more of the native token.

3D artificial reality models are being built, so that each TAMA NFT (which doubles us not only as a brilliant PFP but is also a key part of the gameplay in the Tamaverse), can be artificially imbued on reality, in the same way that Pokemon Go characters were.

The mixture of metaverse and AR with reality is an area that is yet to be explored to its full potential, and it will be interesting to see the impact of Tamadoge over the next few months.

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