Battle Infinity Crypto Coin

The IBAT coin presale is near 90% of its soft cap, meaning the potentially next big crypto game will soon begin development and beta testing.

With Bitcoin trading back over $23,000, and Ethereum over $1,500, some optimism is returning to the cryptocurrency markets and new crypto presales like Battle Infinity and others are hitting media headlines, from metaverse crypto coins to meme tokens.

Next Big Crypto Coin?

Battle Infinity is an upcoming crypto game and metaverse platform with IBAT as its native token, with play to earn utility – used as a form of rewards and an in-game currency to trade NFTs on its integrated NFT marketplace, the Battle Market.

Find the whitepaper and a teaser trailer showing the game concept on After the soft cap of 2000 BNB is hit an early game demo is set to be released by the Battle Infinity developers.

IBAT presale soft cap

The Battle Infinity social media Karan Sharma also took part in a crypto AMA (ask me anything) even on the CoinSniper Telegram channel. R

Read that question and answer session at The Battle Infinity team are all public and doxxed – their project lead being Suresh Joshi alongside experienced crypto games developers.

Presale Soft Cap

Early investors taking part in the presale buy IBAT tokens with Binance Coin (BNB) at an exchange rate of 1 BNB = 166,666.66 IBAT, meaning the presale IBAT price is approximately $0.0015.

28% of the IBAT total supply is allocated for presale investors with no lockup or vesting period after launch, set for October 10th when the 90 day presale ends. That presale began July 11th.

The presale soft cap is 2000 BNB and so far 1767 BNB has been raised – over 88% of the soft cap.

Battle Infinity presale Review – via Jacob Crypto Bury

82 days remain in the presale and the hard cap is 16,500 BNB.

10% of that hard cap has also been hit in 8 days, so the presale is on course to sell out early, especially as FOMO kicks in after the soft cap is hit and early demo footage of the crypto game made available to the public.

Yesterday 1350 BNB had been raised, meaning within the last 24 hours that early funding amount increased 30%, coinciding with Bitcoin also being several percent in the green in the past day, and the total crypto market cap recovering the $1 trillion level.

Youtuber Jacob Crypto Bury invested a small amount himself and reviewed the Battle Infinity project on his channel yesterday.

At the current BNB price, early investors have bought almost half a million dollars of IBAT tokens so far, a strong early level of buying interest which could translate into IBAT becoming the next big crypto coin, in its Q4 2022 launch.

Update – the soft cap is now over 95% hit with over 1900 BNB invested.


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