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Crypto gaming has exploded in popularity recently thanks to the fact that the blockchain allows people to have more holistic gaming experiences, in which they can earn for the time that they spend playing a game. Meta Masters is a project that is hoping to ride this wave and to proactively develop it in the mobile arena.

Meta Masters Guild is the newest play to earn phenomenon in crypto

Meta Masters Guild is a brand new project in the play to earn space and the newest project to be taking the crypto market by storm, thanks to its offering of a range of features that aren’t found anywhere else in the space.

Particularly, Meta Masters is a gaming guild that not only offers all the usual features of a gaming guild, but also creates its own games.

The first game created by Meta Masters Guild has a strong focus on kart racing, and players can battle against one another in the metaverse in order to win MEMAG tokens.

Meta Masters Guild has a strong focus on mobile gaming

Meta Masters Guild is a project that has a strong focus on mobile gaming in addition to gaming on desktop, and this component is significant because the trend is that fewer and fewer gamers are opting for gaming on desktops.

The mobile gaming industry is increasingly important, with over 60% of the entire gaming industry now taking place on mobile phones.

By making a foray into the space, Meta Masters Guild hopes to attract a far larger audience than they otherwise could, and a significantly larger audience than many projects whose games are restricted to solely desktops. By implementing the blockchain infrastructure into mobile gaming, the team hopes to appeal to a larger audience who wouldn’t have otherwise played blockchain games thanks to the prohibitively high technical knowledge required.

Participate in the MEMAG presale today

Those who wish to participate in the MEMAG presale can now do so on their website, where the presale is currently live.

Although the presale has only been live for two days, the project is already selling out quickly and has managed to raise an impressive $70k already.

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages, in which the price of the token is to gradually increase as the presale progresses. This means that those who participate in the earlier stages of the presale are able to accumulate tokens more cheaply than those who do so later on.

At the moment, the token is being priced at a level of just $0.007, but this is set to rise to $0.01 at the next stage of the presale. There are to be seven stages, with the token being sold at a price of $0.023 – this means that there is plenty for room for future price appreciation for those who are able to take advantage of the early bird prices.

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