The world of gaming guilds has been growing evermore popular over the course of the last months, as many projects seek to capitalise on the hype surrounding gaming communities. The upcoming listing of the MEMAG token on exchanges this Wednesday has excited many investors about the possibility in becoming involved with such an opportunity.

Meta Masters Guild is somewhat different when compared with other gaming guilds, in that it is a gaming guild that not only caters for such aforementioned communities, but also creates its own games for its community.

Race karts in the metaverse with Meta Masters

The first game that the Meta Masters Guild is creating for its community is a kart racing game, in which players have the opportunity to choose between three different factions (cyber, punks, and apes) and race against one another in the metaverse to earn rewards in the MEMAG token.

The MEMAG token isn’t only distributed as rewards, but is also a core component of the ecosystem, and can be used as the native currency of the platform to buy and sell skins to upgrade one’s avatar in the metaverse.

MEMAG to list on exchanges from Wednesday 1st March

The Meta Masters Guild presale has now sold out, meaning that those who wish to participate in the ecosystem will now have to buy off exchanges.

The team successfully managed to raise $4.97m for the presale, which is an impressive amount when one considers how much liquidity has dried up in the bear market – a clear sign of support from investors.

Fortunately, the MEMAG token will be listing on a series of exchanges extremely quickly. From March 1st, the token will have its first centralised exchange listing on

For those who prefer decentralised exchanges to their centralised counterparts, the token will also be listing on Uniswap at exactly the same date and time.

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