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Greenidge Generating Station has been denied an air quality permit by the New York state. This development comes after the state imposed a two-year ban on proof-of-work mining activities.

New York denies crypto miner an air permit

Greenidge Generating Station is a crypto mining firm based in Finger Lakes. For several years, Greenidge operates as a coal-fired station before switching to Bitcoin mining in 2020. The company’s air quality permits expired in 2021, and New York has shown divided opinions on how renewing this license would impact the environment.

Greenidge has already released a statement regarding this denial for license renewal. In a statement, the Bitcoin miner said, “Consistent with the provisions of the SAPA [State Administrative Procedures Act], we can continue running uninterrupted under our existing Title V Air Permit, which is still in effect, for as long as it takes to successfully challenge this arbitrary and capricious decision.”

The company also said that it was working towards reducing its carbon emissions. It had proposed reducing its allowed greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by another 40% by 2025. With these reductions, the company aims at becoming a zero-carbon company by 2035.

A spokesperson from the company also released a statement saying, “We believe there is no credible legal basis whatsoever for a denial of this application because there is no actual threat to the State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection act (CLCPA) from our renewed permit. This is a standard air permit renewal governing emissions levels for a facility operating in full compliance with its existing permit today.”

Crypto mining activities in the US

Bitcoin mining sites in the US are being urged to focus on environmental sustainability. Greenidge is not the only miner that is focused on achieving zero-carbon emissions. Another crypto mining firm in the US, Black Mountain Energy, is planning to use surplus natural gases for mining activities instead of using fossil fuels.

The CEO of Black Mountain Energy, Rhett Bennett, held an interview with a news publication explaining how this process would work. The natural gas would be directed to generators that would convert it into the electricity needed to support mining servers.

“Flaring natural gas certainly is not ESG-friendly… so the ability to utilize that gas for power and ultimately create a product, in this case crypto, is a much better solution,” the executive added.

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