Tamadoge, a cryptocurrency-based play-to-earn games arcade and meme coin, will soon launch its innovative arcade gaming platform–and is poised to cause a stir in the Web3 game space.

In total, four games will be launched to begin with as a part of this project, with more set to be released in the future. All the games have been designed to not only capture players’ attention but keep them engaged through features such as an integrated rewards and trading system based on community interaction. Each game will also be incorporated with Tamadoge’s native cryptocurrency (TAMA). Players can use their TAMA tokens to buy in-game items or trade them in the open market.

In the near future, players will also have the chance to collect rare NFTs that come with select stat boosts. These stats could be anything from increased attack or defense points, bonus health points, and more. Ultimately, this will help gamers level up at a much faster rate within the game itself.

A chance to earn rewards awaits users who rank on our leaderboards. To do so, they must purchase credits using their TAMA in the arcade, and then compete for a high score.

Tamadoge: An Interactive Meme Coin World Awaits

Tamadoge is an interactive world where players can collect, breed, battle, and nurture digital pets to customize their collection—all while earning rewards. Players rack up Dogepoints as they complete levels and at the end of every month, those who have the most Dogepoints receive free TAMA tokens as rewards. In addition to collecting pets and playing games for rewards, users can also purchase items within the game using their TAMA tokens.

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A Sneak Peak of the Tamadoge World

The Tama overworld is a place you can explore when the game starts up. There will be different areas to discover, games to play, Tamadoge pets that can be purchased and traded, and more. By interacting with the map feature, players can learn about all the secrets hidden within the world of Tamaedoge.

NFTs will change the gameplay mechanics of all of Tamadoge’s upcoming arcade games. The attributes associated with each NFT will affect different in-game aspects. For example, if you were to select an Ultra-rare NFT that has a significant luck-inducing ability, the drop rate for rare items would increase throughout a given game.

Before each game begins, you will get to choose your starting NFT creature companion, called a Tamadoge. Each Tamadoge varies in statistics, strengths and weaknesses; therefore, some perform better than others in specific types of games. Consequently, players must be mindful when making a selection.

You can also play Tamdoge Arcade games for free by watching ads, and this is also a great way to improve your skills before paying to play. Only the paid version will let you rank on the leaderboards and win rewards, however.

By collecting NFTs during gameplay, players will receive bonuses that allow them to level up faster–these stat boosts will give the player an advantage over others who don’t have access to them. Additionally, by achieving certain in-game milestones, players can earn rare NFTs as rewards.

Tamadoge meme coin
Rocket Doge is one of the four upcoming Tamadoge arcade games.

Tamadoge rocket doge meme coin

Tamadoge to the moon meme coin

Tamadoge meme coin
To the Moon is another of the four Tamadoge games being released soon.

Utility and Bargain Price Make TAMA a Good Buy

Many users have complained that pre-existing meme coins, like Shiba Inu, lack utility. With few to no uses cases, people are concerned about SHIB’s ability to become the successful “Dogecoin Killer.” The Tamadoge team understands that real token utility increases the chances of success and has created an immersive gaming experience backed by a deflationary token, TAMA.

Tamadoge had an incredibly successful presale in 2022, raising over $19 million in just eight weeks. However, the bear market put a damper on its price shortly thereafter, as it did with the rest of the market. Luckily for investors, bear markets are the best times to invest in promising projects before their prices take off in the next bull run.

Tamadoge is set to come out the other side of the bear market stronger, since it has strong financial backing and a solid team behind it–not to mention an enthusiastic community supporting the meme coin. With the launch of addictive arcade-style games impending, investor interest is only going to keep rising — making this coin a potentially great meme coin investment heading into 2023.

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