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The move to earn trend has been gaining popularity over the course of the last few months, despite the fact that many other sectors of the cryptocurrency industry have been taking a beating. Fight Out is a brand new project currently in its presale that hopes to dominate this sector of the industry, and works to ensure that people can achieve their fitness goals whilst at the same time being rewarded financially for doing so.

The Fight Out presale has now raised $3.2m

The Fight Out presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of the last few weeks, with the team now having successfully raised $3.2m through sales of the FGHT token.

The speed of this raise is indicative that the community is keen on the project moving forward, and wish to be a part of this thriving ecosystem.

Stay healthy and earn FGHT rewards

As a move to earn project, Fight Out aims to take on competition in the space from companies like STEPN (who pioneered the move to earn space), and work to incentivise people to lead healthier lives.

More specifically, the Fight Out mobile app is designed as a personal trainer that provides holistic health advice and guides people as they work to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Those who are consistent with their exercises have the opportunity to win FGHT and REPS tokens as rewards.

Brand ambassadors are pushing the project forward

Fight Out has onboarded a series of high profile brand ambassadors that have significant followings in the health and fitness space, and hopes that these public figures will be able to help to drive significant traction for the project moving forward.

The boxer Savannah Marshall, the MMA fighters Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas, and the fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch have all been onboarded thus far, and are expected to continue to promote the merits of Fight Out to their respective audiences.

Only 24 hours before the next price rise in the presale

The Fight Out presale has been selling out extremely quickly, which is demonstrative of a huge interest and excitement from investors to participate in the ecosystem and to benefit from its growth moving forward.

Currently, the price of the FGHT token stands at just $0.0166, but this is set to rise at the next stage of the presale to $0.0333 meaning that there are significant gains to be had for those who can capitalise on the price rises.

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