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New Memecoin $COPIUM to Replace PEPE? 500% Pump Catches the Crypto Community’s Attention

In what must be a record, brand new meme coin $COPIUM has listed on three top centralized exchanges less than 24 hours after being launched on the Uniswap decentralized exchange.

The NFT rewards airdrop coin is now trading on LBank, Poloniex and MEXC Global. It is thought that this latest meme coin offering to capture the attention of the crypto community is also lining up a top 5 exchange.

Backed by a host of big names from the NFT community and the wider crypto scene, $COPIUM is doing things differently.

The project is built around humor and community, although there are plenty of meme coins that can say that.

However, what sets the Copium token apart is how it combines an entertaining allure with NFT reward airdrops and what promises to be a stream of other incentivizing giveaways, including access to exclusive events and product deals.

$COPIUM is up nearly 500% since it listed on Uniswap. In its short life $COPIUM has printed an all-time high of $0.01624 – for an 800% return – and is expected to surpass that on the back of the three exchange listings.

Copium token listing on three major exchanges today brings greater liquidity to the market, which is a key factor in bringing traders to the coin.

Ninth-ranked exchange according to CoinMarketCap, LBank has a 24-hour trading volume of $842 million. MEXC Global in 22nd position has volumes of $565 million, while Poloniex brings $69 million to the table.

If you missed Pepe then $COPIUM looks like a solid candidate to be the next best chance of making 100x gains.

$COPIUM prepping for take-off – 1,000% gain just the beginning

Crypto analysts are already predicting a 1,000% return for $COPIUM, which it almost achieved yesterday – and there’s plenty more in the tank to hit and surpass that goal.

It is highly unusual for a coin that is so new to be able to secure listings on CEXs so early in its life.

If nothing else it shows that a lot of thought has gone into making sure all the pieces have been lined up in meticulous and professional fashion for a successful launch.

$COPIUM tested a low of $0.0062 in the Asia session yesterday according to data from Dextools, providing a textbook entry point for dip buyers who missed out on the presale or the early open market action.

One such bottom buyer who looks like they got in around the $0.0062 floor level was NFT creator

MindMakesMatter with 25k followers:

I bought the floor @COPIUMDROP tank

Gonna load up some $COPIUM now

Let’s see how this ages

Another prominent NFT collector likes what they see of $COPIUM. L’anamour wrote:

This bear market ruined me. One last attempt to make it all back … @COPIUMDROP

Total liquidity stands at a highly respectable $4.01 million and 24-hour volume is $43.64 million.

Bulls are eyeing a breach of the $10 million market cap, with a doubling in their sights going into the weekend.

Total Market Cap:

At the time of writing the $COPIUM market cap is $9.74 million.

The Copium token’s total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1 billion).

In less than 24 hours since its 4pm UTC launch yesterday on Uniswap, the project has attracted 2,1560 holders of its token.

$COPIUM NFT airdrop is attracting buyers

Two hours after $COPIUM’s launch, the team took a screenshot of the market and the top 200 token holders will be eligible for $COPIUM’s NFT and $COPIUM token airdrop.

The top 200 $COPIUM holders will then be airdropped NFTs that feature a Copium tank.

The more $COPIUM a holder owns and buys, the more their NFT tank will fill up.
Copium tank NFT holders will have two weeks to fill up their tank as much as possible.

After that two-week period is over, Copium tank NFT owners can use their tank to claim their $COPIUM airdrop tokens.

The number of tokens an owner will receive is directly correlated to the fullness of their Copium tank NFT.

A claim date for the NFT airdrop has not yet been released. The NFT can be kept or traded in the secondary market.

There will be 10 million $COPIUM tokens made available to the top 200 $COPIUM token holders during the airdrop, which amounts to 1% of the token’s total 1 billion supply.

The Copium Tank NFTs have a floor price on OpenSsea of 0.87 ETH.

Engaged community fighting to drive up $COPIUM price

Copium token has quickly gathered a substantial Twitter following despite only launching its Twitter account earlier this month – $COPIUM has more than 14,000 followers.

Meanwhile the project’s Telegram has grown to 1,800 members.

To buy $COPIUM directly on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap you need a crypto wallet funded with ETH.

Engaged communities are important for all crypto projects, especially meme coins. $COPIUM has got off to a great start in that regard.

Crucially for those entering the market for the first time, $COPIUM is protected against dumping by presale buyers because only 10% of their tokens were unlocked at market open, with the rest vested linearly over a three-week period.

Three hundred million $COPIUM tokens, 30% of the one billion total supply (1,000,000,000), was made available in the presale.

And of course the airdrop of NFTs and exclusive incentives will make holders inclined to stay with the project to get rewards.

You can find Copium on Uniswap and avoid scammers by pasting the following smart contract address into the search field on Uniswap: 0x36520f6336490088c2455279C59CEFaC66984b36.

On centralized exchanages, to buy simply set up your account and complete the KYC verification, fund your account and then tradebuy the COPIUM/USDT pair from at one of the three exchanges mentioned – LBank, MEXC Global or Poloniex.

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