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A new eco project on the blockchain, IMPT, has successfully managed to raise $3m within a week to further their goals of improving the way that carbon credits are managed.

Putting carbon credits on the blockchain as NFTs

IMPT’s goal is to dramatically improve the way that carbon credits are managed, and the core team believes that this can be achieved by putting them on the blockchain as NFTs.

With carbon credits on the blockchain, the entire process for trading and redeeming them ought to be far more transparent and efficient.

The current system of carbon credits, thanks to its antiquated and heavily bureaucratic nature, means that it is only feasible for companies to use.

With IMPT’s model of carbon credits, they can be used by both individuals as well as companies, and the entire process can be conducted in a far more transparent and efficient manner.

Earn carbon credits with “responsible shopping”

IMPT also provides the opportunity for individuals to earn carbon credits with “responsible shopping”, when they shop at any of over 10,000 different companies that score highly on ESG metrics.

When one shops at any of these outlets, they will earn IMPT in cashback rewards, which they can then use to mint carbon credits as NFTs. The carbon credits can then either be sold on to someone else, or they can be used and redeeemed.

This is why IMPT is to be such a significant project going forward. Not only will the team be capitalising on the “green revolution” underway in the investment field that is driven so much by ESG policy, but they will also be offering a completely new suite of services in which individuals as well as companies are able to showcase their green credentials.

The IMPT presale has now raised $3m

The IMPT presale has now been running for just over a week and during that time has been a huge success, with over $3m having been raised in an incredibly short space of time.

Those who wish to participate should head over to the IMPT website, where they can partake, and for those who wish to stay up to date with the project developments and announcements in real time, there is the Telegram group.

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