The metaverse is the new frontier of human interaction where people will be able to enter a virtual world and engage in numerous activities. The global market for the metaverse is estimated to reach $730 billion by 2028.

One of the latest additions to the blockchain gaming industry, RobotEra, is shaping the future of metaverse gaming for the better with its presale.

Travel to the Metaverse & Help Rebuild A Planet

RobotEra offers several unique features that could cement its spot as one of the metaverse gaming platforms. The project is backed by LBank Labs and has gained massive attention for its intuitive gameplay and multiple monetization avenues.

RobotEra comes with interesting gameplay. The players are transported to Taro, a metaverse planet that suffered massive destruction following a battle between an army of robots and the planet’s inhabitants. The war destroyed the planet, but a scientist triggered a “new life” that killed all natives and left the robots.

These robots have now received human emotions and ideas, and their mission is to rebuild the planet and make it more inhabitable for themselves. They can purchase land and properties while participating in other activities that give their life significance.

When a player enters RobotEra, they get to choose a robot avatar and participate in the rebuilding process. The robots are divided into seven, representing the different factions available within the game, each with its desires, characteristics, and objectives. They can create as many robot avatars as they want, monetizing them in various ways.

Players can purchase land and other properties in the game. These assets, down to their avatars, are all non fungible tokens (NFTs). As a result, participants have complete control over the things they buy.

Another massive benefit of RobotEra is its customization feature. Players can get more creative and control their assets, from artwork and music to soundtracks.

RobotEra’s Unique Value Proposition

RobotEra is popular among players for several reasons. The first is that the game enables everyone to join the metaverse without using special tools. There is no particular hardware or software, and RobotEra’s adaptable universe welcomes everyone regardless of device choice.

RobotEra also allows players to fully control their assets without coding skills. A player can build structures and monetize them differently, get a billboard, charge brands for placing ads, create a concert space and let people pay for tickets, etc. And with the game’s no-code structure, anyone can get started without needing technical skills.

Players should also note that there are different ways to make gains within this gaming ecosystem. Participating in world-building allows players to make money and earn from the structures they create.

Players can also earn extra income by participating in quests and other engaging activities in RobotEra.

TARO – RobotEra’s Native Token

TARO powers the RobotEra ecosystem. The crypto asset enables players to trade their NFTs for real money. With TARO, holders can easily access the game’s competitions and community initiatives.

TARO is currently available for presale and has raised more than $548,000 in just a few weeks. With a token price of $0.020, TARO is available at an incredibly low price. The price is expected to rise as more presale stages are completed. Buy TARO on Presale Now

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