Alice Token Price Levels

My Neighbor Alice is an exciting play to earn multiplayer blockchain game enabling users to purchase their own virtual land. Players are able to purchase in-game cosmetics, collect NFTs, craft items and socialize with other network users.

Currently My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) is trading within a bearish descending triangle pattern. Some indicators are telling us that we may however see a bullish reversal play out here.

In November 2021 My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) had reached an astounding $28.44. Since then ALICE Token has corrected almost 94%% seeing a low of $1.87. This was caused by the crypto crash which lead Bitcoin to cross below the 200-week moving average.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Price Prediction 2022

Typically low market cap altcoins will have a much more severe correction than blue-chip large cap projects due to the lowered volatility. My Neighbor Alice has now seen a 94% correction and movements this large could potentially signal a bottom in price.

We’ve also had major investors such as Sam Bankman Fried recently stating that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that the worst of the crypto downtrend pain could have passed.

At the time of writing this article My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Token is potentially on the verge to a swing-high of around $2.70. The current trading price is $2.45 and would offer traders a potential 10.8% long position.

If we can see a bullish reversal play out for My Neighbor Alice the technical price target would be at the beginning of the descending triangle pattern. Over the next few months I would speculate that ALICE will slowly crawl back to around $3.74.

Whilst I don’t think 2022 will serve any more all time highs as we find our feet in the crypto winter, I do think some major projects and altcoins will see a relief bounce soon. I then anticipate My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) will chop around the $3.30-$4.60 price levels as we slowly come out of the extreme fear phase.

Alice Token Descending Channel

Prior to the formation of our descending triangle ALICE was trading within a descending channel pattern. The support trendline of this channel has now been flipped into resistance. This means that the $4.25-4.35 levels are likely to offer rejection.

My Neighbor Alice Video Analysis

Alice token has already bounced 29% from the local low of $1.87 this year, to say there are any chances of repossessing all time highs this year would be merely dubious speculation.

I do think however there are quite a few eyes on the project and the network growth is surprisingly high. According to coinmarketcap there has been a 24-hour trading volume of $72 million which is a tremendous 0.97 Volume to Market Cap ratio.

Coinmarketcap states that My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Token now has a market capital of just $75 million. This particular crypto project would now be considered high-risk and high-reward for potential holders. With a market cap of just $75 million we could easily see ALICE make some rather impressive gains over the next few years into the next crypto bull market.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a thrilling farming-themed play to earn blockchain game which is built on the Chromia ecosystem. The developers describe their game as a place where players can buy and own virtual islands and also collect exciting items whilst making virtual friends.

Each player gets their own avatar which represents them in game and they can cosmetically modify as they please. In addition to this players can also obtain virtual real estate from Alice. Who is Alice, you wonder? Alice is the games main character, you could also describe Alice as the internal marketplace. It is important to note that any purchased virtual land is represented as an NFT.

What makes My Neighbor Alice unique is that it does not require knowledge of cryptocurrency to play. Even though the game is blockchain based and has elements of DeFi involved, really, this is suitable for anyone. This means that they have a very wide target audience and would be appealing to players on an international scale.

In November 2021 Alice also had an $80m Metaverse Grant program in collaboration with Chromia. This was deployed to support growth and the efforts to expand the metaverse surrounding My Neighbor Alice and the Chromia ecosystem.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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