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The bear market has taken many victims, and the majority of crypto assets have fallen significantly over the course of 2022. Nevertheless, the “move to earn” trend has continued to gain steam, and one project in particular (FightOut) has been capturing the imagination of the crypto space.

Earn for exercising in your home

Now that the New Year is in sight, there are sure to be a variety of gym memberships that are wasted as people fail to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.

However, the commitment to exercise doesn’t have to be remotely taxing, and with the FightOut platform one can reap more than just the rewards of being healthy.

Every exercise session that one does through the FightOut platform is tracked, since the mobile app is designed to act similarly to a personal trainer.

Users can earn rewards for exercising, which are denominated in the FGHT token.

In addition to this, when one exercises this will update the statistics for their avatar – those who exercise more than others are able to represent their avatars in the metaverse in a manner that corresponds adequately to the time they’ve exerted.

FightOut has a range of high profile brand ambassadors

One of the most impressive things that the team at FightOut have done to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd is that they have signed up a series of high-profile brand ambassadors from the various sectors of the health and fitness industry.

Thus far, the team have already onboarded the boxer Savannah Marshall, and MMA fighters Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas.

This is sure to be a sign of things to come as the project continues to make progress in the industry of health and fitness.

$2.7m now raised at the FightOut presale

The FightOut presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of the last few weeks, and has now managed to raise an impressive $2.7m.

Those who participate in the presale can even earn extra tokens, depending on how much they contribute: those who contribute at least $500 will be eligible for a 10% bonus on their token holdings, whilst those who contribute at least $50,000 will receive an additional reward of 25%.

The project is expected to perform well once the bull market resumes, and the presale could be a brilliant opportunity for investors to acquire tokens cheaply.

Those who wish to participate in the FightOut presale ought to now head over to their website, where the presale is currently live.

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