Fight Out

Fight Out is a brand new move to earn project that has been gaining significant traction over the course of the last few months thanks to their determination to dominate the industry and reward people for leading healthy and proactive lifestyles.

The space was initially pioneered by first movers such as STEPN, but Fight Out is now making waves thanks to their links to the health and fitness industry, and their focus on bringing personal training to the metaverse in order to make it scale in the digital realm.

Fight Out incentivises people to exercise in the metaverse

The move to earn industry has the potential to incentivise people to stay active, and the team at Fight Out recognised the potential for creating a brand of health and fitness.

Many people in the crypto space, and in the wider world, spend far too much at their screens and not enough time focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle. The ramifications for this are severe, and move to earn projects such as Fight Out hope to remedy this.

The Fight Out app is designed to act as a personal trainer, which guides people to ensure that they can achieve their fitness goals.

Those who exercise in the metaverse are able to follow the instructions of the app and if they are consistent in reaching their goals will be further rewarded with the FGHT and REPS tokens, which they can use within the metaverse to upgrade their avatars’ skins.

Moreover, the team is working to ensure that the divide between the physical realm and the virtual can be bridged, and in order to achieve this the team is building a series of gyms around the world, with the first due to be acquired in the first quarter of 2023 – this will help to foster an engaged community of people who are active participants in the ecosystem.

Participate in the Fight Out presale today – $3.5m raised

The Fight Out presale has now managed to raise $3.5m, which is particularly impressive when one considers that we are currently in the depths of a bear market and most projects are struggling to find funding for their ideas.

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages on the Fight Out website, meaning that those who contribute earlier on are able to acquire tokens far more cheaply than those who do so later, when the token will begin listing on a series of centralised exchanges.

Fight Out Video Analysis

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