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EVolution in Motion: Sustainable Crypto

As the global focus on sustainable technology intensifies, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional petrol-powered cars. Governments around the world are offering incentives to boost EV adoption, contributing to the rapid expansion of the sector.

Several challenges still need to be addressed to make EVs more practical and accessible, however, such as battery technology and charging infrastructure.

C+Charge, an EV solutions firm with a sustainable crypto, is committed to overcoming the charging infrastructure obstacle by streamlining the charging process, enhancing cost transparency, and assisting users in locating suitable charging stations.

The app makes it easy to pay for charging while employing geolocation technology to deliver real-time data on charger availability, wait times, and charging costs, making it easier for EV owners to adopt sustainable technology.

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Sustainable Crypto Technology: Powering Forward

As sustainable technology and sustainable crypto tech advances, an increasing number of organizations, including car dealerships, are installing charging stations to support EV owners. Major companies such as Walmart, Google, and Amazon are also adopting EV charging solutions at their workplaces, recognizing the importance of promoting sustainability and supporting employees who drive electric vehicles.

C+Charge is capitalizing on these developments by connecting various companies’ EV chargers to its network, providing users with live location data of key charging stations, and ensuring regular maintenance for service uptime.

C+Charge’s use of tamper-proof blockchain technology ensures greater transaction security and transparency, further solidifying its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) benefits. Beyond facilitating charging for EV owners, the project team is focused on reducing its environmental impact by utilizing renewable energy sources for its charging stations.

Taking steps to prevent non-EV users from being negatively impacted by EV charging, C+Charge has enabled managers, landlords, and other organizations to track the energy consumption of EV charging through advanced monitoring systems so they don’t overcharge non-EV drivers for electricity.

A Partnership for the Planet

In an effort to further promote sustainable technology, C+Charge’s first partnership came through with Flowcarbon, a sustainable crypto blockchain platform focused on encouraging eco-friendly practices and the adoption of sustainable technologies.

“This will be a first-of-its-kind rewards system, where customers will be earning carbon credits in the form of Flowcarbon’s GNT token, giving EV owners the ability to take additional impactful action,” explained Phil Fogel, CBO of Flowcarbon.

Through this collaboration, EV owners can earn carbon credits in the form of Flowcarbon’s GNT tokens for charging their vehicles. GNT tokens, designed to function within a closed-loop economy, can be used to purchase environmentally friendly products and services or exchanged for fiat currency.

Ryan Fishoff, lead strategic advisor of C+Charge, highlighted the company’s dedication to democratizing the carbon credit industry by offering a platform that rewards drivers with carbon credits while providing transparent pricing across all charging stations. The partnership with Flowcarbon allows C+Charge to fulfill its mission of enabling EV drivers and token holders to earn carbon credits.

Staking a Claim in Sustainability

C+Charge has also formed a strategic partnership with The Recharge, which aims to provide sustainable crypto staking opportunities to its community. The collaboration focuses on The Recharge’s innovative cross-chain staking program, allowing C+Charge token holders to stake their tokens with carbon credit swaps across the platform.

This partnership grants C+Charge significant exposure to Korea’s electric charging infrastructure, opening up potential new market segments for the company to explore.

The C+Charge founding team commented on the nature of the partnership with The Recharge, stating that it achieves its goal of supporting staking before the platform’s launch. The integration of carbon credit earnings into The Recharge’s staking program aligns with C+Charge’s vision and provides token holders the opportunity to earn additional sustainable rewards.

The Recharge’s extensive network throughout Korea is expected to be highly strategic for C+Charge as the company aims to expand its platform globally. This partnership marks C+Charge’s entry into the Asian market, furthering its goal of building a worldwide network that provides sustainable mobility payment solutions.

In terms of investment opportunities and future plans, C+Charge has launched its cryptocurrency, CCHG, in addition to its partnerships with Flowcarbon and The Recharge.

CCHG, the sustainable crypto token of the C+Charge project, will be listed on BitMart, the 29th largest exchange globally, on March 31. The project has reached the end of its presale stage 6 of 8, raising a total sum of $2.9 million as it prepares to enter the next stage when prices will raise. To regulate the total supply of tokens in circulation, C+Charge has been burning tokens weekly.

With a promising future for the EV industry, C+Charge is poised to capitalize on this growth thanks to its experienced project team and solutions that address real-world challenges.

The remaining 2 stages of the presale, and the listing of the CCHG sustainable crypto on BitMart on March 31 offer investors a chance to become involved at an early stage. As the EV industry continues to grow, C+Charge’s provision of efficient EV solutions presents an investment opportunity in the realm of sustainable technology.

With only 2 weeks until the platform’s launch, the C+Charge team is working tirelessly to secure as many partnerships as possible. More updates will be shared in the coming weeks as the company gears up for the big day on the 31st.

The future of sustainable technology and EV adoption looks increasingly bright, with BloombergNEF predicting that electric vehicles will account for 10% of global passenger vehicle sales by 2025, 28% by 2030, and 58% by 2040.

The EV industry’s expansion is fostering promising investment opportunities, and C+Charge and its sustainable crypto is well-positioned to benefit from this growth with its unique combination of efficiency, convenience, and environmental responsibility to its customers.

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