While popular meme tokens such as Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) have offered huge returns in the markets, they fail to provide proper utility to the users.

Mooky is a new community-driven cryptocurrency platform that offers investors multiple use cases while contributing to green charities.

In this article, we will take a look at Mooky’s project details, the 3D NFT collection it offers, and $MOOK, the native cryptocurrency which is available to buy on presale.

Mooky – A Community-Driven Crypto Project

Mooky is a meme cryptocurrency project that exists to provide utility to the community. At the center of the ecosystem is $MOOK, the native cryptocurrency.

Users can leverage $MOOK tokens on the platform to purchase exclusive 3D NFTs, gain access to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and much more.

To create a strong following and establish a sense of community, the majority of the $MOOK tokens will be allocated by the time the exchange listing takes place. Notably, Mooky aims to function as a charity token.

The Mooky whitepaper states that the platform will regularly plant trees and donate to green charities that back the planting of trees. Mooky will also contribute to rainforest foundations.

From the overall 500 billion token supply of $MOOK, 3% will be used as a visible charity wallet to help protect the environment.

In the future, Mooky aims to host regular green activities to benefit the community and the environment, and the Mooky community strives to educate its own community while doing better for the planet.

The Mooky contract code has been fully audited by SpyWolfNetwork and is 100% secure – moreover, the Mooky team has been fully verified by SolidProof, ensuring the project’s security.

Buy Mooky NFTs and Join the Ventures Club DAO

Unlike other meme tokens offering low utility, Mooky lets $MOOK holders access its own DAO, allowing members to purchase exclusive NFTs.

On Mooky, users can eventually purchase 1,000 exclusive 3D NFTs. Each of these NFTs is connected to a real-life tree that can be traced on the ecosystem. Each of the NFTs differs in characteristics and value.

The NFTs consist of 5 types – Uncommon, Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the more valuable the NFT. Once the token presale comes to an end, users will be able to leverage $MOOK to mint the NFTs on the ecosystem.

The lucky investors that mint either the Super Rare or Legendary NFTs will get access to the Ventures Club DAO. This is the platform’s community and governance ecosystem, which is responsible for making decisions on the project’s future.

Moreover, DAO members will also get access to airdrops on the ecosystem, along with merchandise drops. The Ventures Club DAO will also establish an investment portfolio where users can stake tokens and earn passive income.

While $MOOK is a 0% tax token, there is a 15% tax charged on trading the Mooky NFTs. Notably, 5% of the tax is sent to existing token holders, which can help establish a loyal community. 2% of the tax is donated to the charities Mooky will partner with.

Buy $MOOK Token on Presale Now

This community-driven project has allocated 70% of its 500 billion token supply for the ongoing presale. Across 12 presale rounds, Mooky will allocate 350 billion tokens.

Mooky is in the seventh presale stage, where one token is priced at just $0.00000516.

mooky presale

Since the presale went live, more than $730k has been raised. After Mooky’s presale concludes, the project is expected to list $MOOK on popular exchanges such as Uniswap.

This particular DEX is used by millions globally and can help increase the token’s trading volume.

20% of the token supply will be reserved for the exchange listing, with a further 5% being reserved for staking opportunities on DApps (Decentralized Applications).

By purchasing $MOOK on presale, investors can potentially earn a significant ROI (Return on Investment).

Popular crypto analysts such as Jacob Crypto Bury (above) have claimed that $MOOK has the potential to be the next 10x coin.

While there is no guarantee that this cryptocurrency will offer huge returns, the use cases being offered by $MOOK can make it an attractive investment for the long term.

Future and Marketing Strategies of the Mooky Project

While a project may offer some utility to the user, it is important for cryptocurrency platforms to have a detailed outline of how their future will look like.

In the case of Mooky, the platform aims at heavily concentrating on several marketing strategies which can help grow the project.

For instance, after the exchange listing, Mooky will release a Times Square billboard to help create hype and buzz about the project.

To promote the launch of the NFT platform, Mooky will launch top-quality video trailers and promote them all over their socials.

Mooky also plans on running a major influencer marketing campaign which can help make their platform viral. To establish a sense of community, Mooky is already making 95% of the token supply available when the exchange listing occurs.

But, the project will also host Mooky car giveaways and host regular community events to build the brand. All these activities will play a vital role in determining the future of this charity token. Join the Mooky Telegram group to learn more about the project.