According to recent mobile game statistics, the mobile developer population has already shot up and so is the number of mobile apps in the Google Playstore and Apple store. The revenue generated has skyrocketed thanks to the growth of hybrid monetization models including in-app purchases and in-app ads. The mobile gaming industry trends predict that the mobile gaming market will continue to generate more and more revenue in the foreseeable future. And this is why even Tripple-A publishers are continuously struggling to their Triple-A franchises to mobile to enhance the mobile gaming experience. With the inception of 4G/5G as well as cloud gaming, mobile gaming will even grow in leaps and bounds by the time we reach 2020.

When you think of gaming, you probably think of only gaming consoles and PC. However, the truth is that the world is now starting to take it a lot more seriously. In fact, the latest mobile game statistics indicates that the global mobile game market has already surpassed that of consoles and PC. As if that’s not more, it is still expected to rise and represent over 50 percent of the total gaming market by 2020. This consistent growth is mainly attributed to the growth and advancement of mobile devices and smartphones as well as newer technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Other factors for these include the increasing number of determined mobile game developers which shows why mobile games now constitute over 25 percent of all the apps that are found in Google Playstore and Apple’s App Store. An important factor is also the rising number of worldwide casual gamers who view mobile gaming as a convenient and inexpensive alternative to PC and consoles. Furthermore, some casual gamers are increasingly becoming interested in play-to-earn games, especially those based on cryptocurrencies which are easy to developed and support on a mobile device.

From the way things are, unless there is a very big change in the mobile gaming industry trends, you should expect mobile to grown and become the most lucrative segment a few years to come.


Game Marketing Trends 2020

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