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Over the last week Mini Football Token meme coin has pumped over a massive 124% and the sentiment is now euphoria and greed. This parabolic move has removed a zero from the price tag, as Mini Football Token now trades at $0.0000000001416.

Parabolic moves like this often lead to harsh corrections. Both historical data and the overbought position on the relative strength index indicate that Mini Football Token might see a bearish reversal soon.

Which other cryptocurrencies are set to explode soon?

Mini Football Token Price Prediction

Mini Football Token has emerged in a parabolic rally and has earned itself a position on Coinmarketcap as a top trending crypto in the last 24 hours. Whilst the bulls are in full control, chasing green candles and not being able to resist FOMO in situations like this can lead to potentially risky positions which might lead to losses.

This is the third time that Mini Football Token has seen almost an arbitrary parabolic pump within the last 12 months, both occasions led to rejection at resistance and the beginning of a new downtrend as the price loses structure and the bulls lose momentum.

Mini Football Token Historical Data

MiniFootball/USD – Daily Time Frame.

As historical data suggests, buying Mini Football Token between January-March, May-September proved to be an impeccable entry during an undervaluation reaccumulation zone.

There are also two key points of data where the price of Mini Football Token rocketed towards the yellow resistance trendline and then the price went back down.

We are now potentially back at the same level of resistance where we could see the price of Mini Football Token go back down to lower levels depending on the severity of the correction should it occur.

I speculate that the upside potential for Mini Football token is diminished and it is extremely risky to enter after such a significant pump. Instead of investing in Mini Football token there are other rapidly growing cryptocurrencies growing in the space, such as the next best presales – more on that soon.

Mini Football Token Video Analysis

Whilst Mini Football Token seems like a fun and lucrative meme coin investment combining both the football space and influences from Dogecoin, it does seem rather overvalued and euphoric as the price has exploded vastly over the last 48 hours.

Many altcoin investors have been switching over to pre-sales as there have been some very successful outcomes (which we also reviewed) like Tamadoge and Battle Infinity which pumped 20x and 7.5x after their launch.

The next three that are set to explode are diverse and unique in their own way with powerful fundamentals and tokenomics which will assist with their long-term growth potential.

Dash 2 Trade Presale

The first is Dash 2 Trade which provides crypto trading signals, predictions and social analytics to help traders make informed decisions. Dash 2 Trade exposes investors to high value opportunities in the markets and has incredible insights which help you forecast the next big move.

Dash 2 Trade also has a low total supply of 1 billion tokens which makes a $0.50-1 price in the future very much pragmatic. This would mean a 10-20x from current price levels.

IMPT Token

Next we have another high value opportunity known as IMPT Token. Becoming an investor allows you to become part of a large ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

IMPT Token is the blockchain solution to global warming and the VCM market is forecasted to rise exponentially over the next few decades which could also suggest this is a great long term hold.

IMPT Token Presale

Already an amazing $11,105,719 has been raised for the IMPT Token and they have sold 613,308,642 tokens. This is a huge milestone especially during a crypto bear market where most coins are in a major downtrend. It seems that IMPT Token is preparing itself to do quite the opposite and perhaps even 10x?

Calvaria P2E Crypto Card Game

Lastly, an immersive and captivating P2E battle card game which allows the player to earn and upgrade their card sets and become the ultimate force on the battlefield. If you like play-to-earn cryptocurrencies which also have massive upside potential in the DeFi world, then you could certainly take a look at the Calvaria presale.

In just a few days Calvaria ($RIA) has already raised an astounding $416,469 and is in pre-sale stage 2 as buyers sweep in to purchase at the lower price levels. Currently 1 USDT 66.67 RIA tokens, but once $750,000 is raised, 1 USDT will only purchase 50 RIA tokens – it is advised to buy as soon as possible to maximize potential upside and returns.

Calvaria also boasts a very low maximum supply of just 1 billion tokens which makes a $1 RIA very possible in the future, and perhaps even see a $5 RIA token by the next crypto bull run when the entire blockchain market increases in valuation.

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