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As retirement approaches, many investors are now seeing real estate as an indispensable part of their investment portfolio. Unfortunately, the exorbitant property prices in the market have made it exceedingly difficult to invest while keeping pace with stagnant wages. Consequently, investors have had to resort to high-interest mortgages to acquire a property.

Decentralized technology has the potential to transform a wide range of industries and processes, making them more accessible and inclusive. One of the most promising applications of this technology is in the real estate market. Metropoly is a decentralized project that aims to establish a real estate marketplace, where every NFT is backed by physical properties, thus bringing substantial benefits to the market.

Metropoly recently partnered with Ultraclub, bringing even more benefits to users. Here we detail this partnership and offer insight into Metropoly’s platform.

Metropoly Partners with Ultraclub

One of the biggest events in the Metropoly ecosystem is the fact that it announced a partnership with Ultraclub. This gives users discounts on 5-star hotels, restaurants, activities, and so on. Currently, there are over 1,000,000 hotels, 200,000 venues, and VIP concierge services worldwide. There is even an exclusive Ultraclub website for METRO holders.

Ultraclub is present in such places as Ibiza, Phuket, Singapore, Monaco, Miami, Colombia, and New York. The partnership is an excellent way for both parties to expand on their userbase, while providing users with unbeatable offers.

Why Does Metropoly Matter?

A quick observation of the current real estate market indicates that it’s becoming unfeasible for the average person to invest in it. Over the years, the exorbitant prices of properties and land have risen significantly, making it harder for younger investors to purchase property without taking out substantial loans or abandoning their homeownership goals. However, the older generations could invest relatively comfortably in the past.

The current median ratio of house prices to income for American workers accurately portrays the state of the real estate market. Currently, the ratio is at 7.71, surpassing what it was during the 2008 economic crisis. Twenty years ago, this figure was 4.4, marking an exponential rise over time. As a result, workers are becoming increasingly uneasy about their future prospects due to the mounting pressure caused by these numbers.

That’s why initiatives like Metropoly are crucial since they offer a model that makes real estate investment more accessible and affordable. The project allows all investors to diversify their portfolios, mitigate the impact of inflation, and benefit from passive income.

Metropoly achieves this by leveraging the potential of fractional real estate investment. This innovative model enables investors to own a small part of a property, with several investors sharing ownership of the asset. Fractional investments are incredibly affordable, with Metropoly offering investments starting at $100.

To get a better understanding of Metropoly’s operations, individuals can explore the prototype of its marketplace, which features tabs like property viewing, ongoing auctions, and payouts. Although the beta platform’s listings are primarily for demonstration purposes, the features provide a good indication of what to expect in the final product. Additionally, users can access the all-time leaderboard, which shows information such as the number of real estate fractions owned and dividends received.

Metropoly is Going to Change Everything

The prototype version of the platform offers a comprehensive glimpse into how Metropoly is democratizing real estate investment. The project reduces entry barriers, such as low initial investment amounts, and ignores factors like credit scores and investor location, making real estate investment accessible to everyone. Moreover, investors worldwide can invest in any property globally, creating profitable investment opportunities.

Metropoly’s investment process is incredibly streamlined and differs significantly from the traditional paper-based approach. Acquiring a property investment takes only 20 seconds, a significant improvement over the several months required by conventional methods. Users only need to link their wallet, visit the marketplace, and purchase the various properties available, including high-end apartments, penthouses, and villas.

Metropoly offers a range of property options, such as a $1 million apartment in the Burj Khalifa, as an example of the properties available on the platform. To enter the competition, participants must perform various social actions, such as retweeting, joining the Telegram channel, or subscribing to the newsletter. There are ten ways to participate in the contest, all of which are worth considering, as fractional holdings can generate rental income of up to $100,000 per year and appreciate over time.

Metropoly users can earn passive income from their fractional holdings, witness the property’s value appreciation over time, and exercise voting rights proportional to the number of fractions they own. Together, these features herald a new era of real estate investment.

Metropoly Partnership with Ultraclub the Start of Much More

Blockchain projects are notable for the practical applications they provide, and among them, Metropoly is one of the most compelling. It offers numerous advantages to NFT holders, giving them access to the potentially lucrative real estate market.

Metropoly provides investors with various benefits and promising long-term returns. It has the potential to transform the real estate industry and attract younger generations to invest in it. With the partnership with Ultraclub, the project is only becoming even more attractive to users.