While the crypto market encountered several obstacles in 2022, there have been a few glimmers of hope, with some projects excelling in their presales. This underscores the notion that a well-crafted project with a sound use case will inevitably thrive in the crypto market, irrespective of the current climate.

Metropoly is a project that has captured the interest of investors with its real estate platform and has already raised a substantial sum. Its success is unsurprising, given the state of the real estate market and the demand for significant reforms.

The METRO Presale is Seeing More and More People Enter

Metropoly NFT Marketplace

Metropoly has managed to raise a substantial amount of funds during the current crypto winter, which is a remarkable accomplishment. The swift completion of this achievement suggests that investors are interested in the project’s use case. METRO, an ERC-20 utility token, has a total supply of 1 billion and is available for purchase in the current presale phase at a price of $0.0625 per token, and investors can use USDT, ETH, or BNB to purchase tokens. Early investments offer additional benefits, and the presale is coming to a close soon. However, due to the high popularity of the presale, there may not be much time left to get involved.

By participating in the Metropoly presale, investors become part of the Platinum Member’s Club, where they can enjoy a range of benefits. These perks start with early access to the Metropoly Beta and a Metropoly NFT at the lowest tier. Investors can earn more benefits as their investment amount increases, such as real estate NFTs valued at $10,000 and cashback on rental income. Early investors have access to even higher tiers with additional rewards.

With Metropoly, Anyone Can Invest in Real Estate Market

For the majority of people, the real estate market has been prohibitively expensive, thus preventing them from entering it. Over the past few decades, real estate prices have risen significantly, rendering it accessible only to the affluent. This is regrettable because investing in real estate offers a range of benefits, including hedging against inflation, diversifying portfolios, and ensuring future security.

Metropoly’s fractional investment model is disrupting the traditional real estate investment market by offering affordable investment options. This innovative approach has contributed to the success of its presale, as investors no longer need to secure high-interest mortgages to purchase a property.

Metropoly has transformed the real estate investment landscape by introducing a real estate NFT marketplace that backs each NFT with actual properties. The decentralized technology used in this platform has brought equity to the industry and opened up investment opportunities to everyone.

Metropoly has not only made real estate investment more equitable but has also simplified the investment process. Compared to the traditional paper-based methods that are lengthy and complicated, users can now complete a property investment in as little as 20 seconds. To purchase premium apartments, penthouses, and villas, users can connect their wallets, visit the marketplace, and select a property with ease.

Metropoly’s beta platform provides a preview of the final version and gives interested users a glimpse of what it will look like. The beta version features auctions, mortgages, and payouts and serves as a demonstration of the platform’s effectiveness. Although the prototype properties are for illustration only, the beta version is a convincing proof of concept. Metropoly’s goal is to expand its property offerings worldwide, allowing anyone to invest in a range of property types, including high-end apartments and villas.

The team behind Metropoly has initiated a $1 million giveaway of a premium apartment located in the renowned Burj Khalifa to promote the platform and demonstrate the caliber of the properties offered. The lucky winner of the apartment stands to earn as much as $100,000 annually in rental income. To qualify for the competition, users must undertake various social and marketing activities, such as tweeting about Metropoly, subscribing to its newsletter, and joining its Discord or Telegram channel.

Metropoly is a Gamechanger

Metropoly’s successful presale is indicative of the shift in investor priorities, where they seek cutting-edge platforms that can disrupt conventional markets, and Metropoly is at the forefront of this trend.

Real estate is a valuable asset class that can enhance any investment portfolio, and Metropoly’s fractional investment model democratizes access to it. This model allows people from all corners of the world to invest in real estate and generate rental income with convenience and simplicity.