Groundbreaking real estate-backed NFT marketplace, Metropoly, is keeping real estate investment alive in the face of rising interest rates through its innovative fractional ownership model. Metropoly is gaining attention on the crypto stage as it provides an avenue for crypto investors to easily diversify their portfolios into real estate and receive the same benefits as traditional real estate purchases.

The project is currently undergoing a presale for its native token, METRO, and is currently soaring through its stages after raising almost $600,000.

Metropoly Keeping Real Estate Investment Alive

Projects like Metropoly are genuinely keeping real estate investment alive as it provides a method for crypto aficionados to easily begin their real estate journey by purchasing one of the real estate-backed NFTs from its marketplace.

Unfortunately, investing in real estate through traditional methods is currently unviable with the current state of the economy. Central banks across the globe have been forced to increase interest rates over the past year to combat rising prices and keep inflation in check. As a result, borrowing has become exponentially more expensive, which causes investors to be hesitant to take out loans to purchase real estate.

Luckily, Metropoly has come through at the perfect time to provide a method to easily purchase real estate without the need for banks, mortgages, credit checks, or even any paperwork. The platform has created the easiest way to purchase real estate through crypto, allowing investors to purchase their first property in a matter of seconds.

Opening Up Doors to Diversification

The entire idea of Metropoly is to make the real estate market accessible to users across the globe, regardless of their location or credit history. The best thing about the platform is that investors can get started buying their first property with as little as $100. This is made possible through the magic of fractional ownership.

On Metropoly, all of the properties in the portfolio are broken into little pieces and tokenized to represent ownership. Investors can then come and purchase the real estate-backed NFTs to own a fraction of a property. NFT holders are granted the same ownership rights as traditional investing and can earn an income through the rental yield or capitalize on asset appreciation by selling their NFTs at any time.

Through the platform, crypto investors can now easily diversify their portfolios away from volatile cryptocurrencies into more stable real estate assets. The real estate sector has historically been one of the best methods of diversification, allowing investors to protect their unused capital from inflation. Furthermore, the wealthiest 1% of individuals across the world have grown their fortunes through real estate investing, and Metropoly is now opening this previously locked asset class to everyday investors.

Genuine Passive Income Available

Metropoly altcoins

The best thing about investing in real estate through the Metropoly portfolio is that it provides a genuinely passive income for all NFT holders. Lots of NFT projects claim they can provide a passive income to investors, but this usually dissipates over time as the rewards start to dry up and prices fall.

Well, the passive income on Metropoly is provided by one of the most reliable sources of cash flow in existence: Rental Yield.

All holders of Metropoly NFTs are entitled to their share of the rental yield of a specific property that they own. The income is passive because the Metropoly team takes it upon themselves to handle all of the property maintenance. They also ensure there is a tenant in each property to provide the rental income, and they distribute the yield to wallet holders of the NFT in stablecoins.

As a result, investors simply have to purchase the NFT to start earning an income and benefiting from any capital gains.

Metropoly Shows Commitment After Releasing Beta 2.0

The Metropoly team has shown its commitment to the project multiple times through the course of development. Even without the presale concluded, the team has released two beta versions of its platform;

On the marketplace, users can do the following functionalities;

  • Buy real estate NFTs to receive a passive monthly rental income.
  • Sell real estate NFTs on the marketplace to benefit from capital appreciation.
  • Auction a real estate NFT for the best price.
  • Trade NFTs with ease.
  • Borrow against RENs at a competitive interest rate and LTV Ratio.
  • Transfer ownership and move in.
  • Voting rights on property decisions.

METRO Presale Quickly Gaining Considerable Traction

Metropoly is currently hosting a presale for its native token, METRO, which will be the main transaction token fueling the entire ecosystem. The token will be used as a payment and reward token on the platform. The presale has almost hit the $600,000 level, with over 1700 participants investing. The presale is currently in the ninth stage, selling the token for a price of $0.0625.

It’s important to point out that the presale employs an increasing pricing mechanism. Therefore, once the fundraising hits the $1 million milestone, the price for the token will increase. As a result, those that invest in the earliest stages stand to benefit the most as they get to invest at lower prices.