The presale for Metropoly is heating up after the fundraising crossed $500,000 recently. Investors are rushing to get involved by purchasing the METRO token as they believe the real-world use case presented will make a profitable investment.

With well over 1,000 investors rushing to the presale, we decided to look into the primary reasons why they believe Metropoly will be the future of real estate investment through the crypto space.

Metropoly Presale Flies Past $500,000

Since going live in Q4 2022, Metropoly has raised a whopping $500,000 in fundraising – during one of crypto’s most turbulent periods. The epic growth of the presale is causing the project to gain significant attention as it steals all the headlines for the real estate sector in the crypto industry.

The presale sells the METRO token in its ninth stage at a price of $0.0625 per METRO. The METRO token is designed to power the entire Metropoly ecosystem as it will be the transaction and rewards token on the platform. Users that purchase real-estate-backed NFTs on the Metropoly Marketplace benefit from discounts if they purchase using METRO.

Furthermore, users that invest in the presale in the earlier stages are enrolled in the Platinum Member’s Club, which provides benefits such as early access to the Metropoly Marketplace, a unique Metropoly investor NFT, and the ability to earn cash back from NFTs purchased on the platform.

The presale for METRO undergoes an increasing pricing mechanism, with the price rising after each subsequent presale phase. As a result, those purchasing in the earlier stages of the presale stand a better chance of coming out of the presale with substantial profits once the token is listed on tier-1 exchanges.

Why Are Investors Flocking There? 3 Reasons Why

Metropoly has developed the industry’s first NFT marketplace in which all of the NFTs are fully backed by real-world real estate properties. Here are three reasons why everybody is quickly flocking toward this presale.

Real-world Use Case and Genuine Passive Income

One of the main reasons investors are flocking to the presale is because Metropoly is one of the only crypto projects with a real-world use case that provides a genuinely passive income for investors.

Many projects claim to provide passive income for investors, but the income tends to dry up after a short period. Well, with Metropoly, the passive income is generated from one of the most reliable sources on the planet: rental yield. This means that the passive income is consistent and reliable as tenants pay rent every month to stay at the property.

Furthermore, the income is actually passive, requiring no input or effort from the NFT holder. They simply have to purchase the NFT on the Metropoly Marketplace, and the Metropoly team will handle the rest. The team takes care of the property management and ensures a tenant is paying rent to provide passive income for the investors.

Democratize Real Estate and Diversify Away From Crypto

Metropoly Platform Mobile

Another reason that investors think Metropoly will be one of the outstanding projects in 2023 is due to the fact that they are democratizing real estate and allowing crypto addicts to diversify away from volatile crypto investments.

Metropoly created its platform to make real estate investment accessible to users across the globe, regardless of their country or credit history. Furthermore, they wanted to create a platform that is the easiest way to invest in real estate without the need for banks, paperwork, or hidden fees. As a result, the Metropoly marketplace allows users to get started with real estate investment in a matter of seconds.

The great thing about the platform is that users can begin their real estate portfolios with as little as $100. This is made possible through fractional ownership through tokenization. For example, all of the properties in the Metropoly portfolio are broken into little pieces and then tokenized on-chain as NFTs. Owning one of the NFTs provides the holders with all the benefits they would receive when investing in real estate. For example, they receive their share of the rental income each month and are entitled to sell their NFT at any time to take advantage of any capital appreciation in the market.

The fact that Metropoly lets users invest with as little as $100 opens up the doors for crypto investors to easily diversify their portfolio away from risky crypto assets and into reliable real estate assets.

Committed and Credible Team

Investors are also rushing to the METRO presale after learning about the credibility of the team behind Metropoly. The team is fully verified through CertiK, who have audited their presale contract and conducted a KYC check on the team members. This means that rug pulls, hacks or scams are negligible in this project, as the team’s identity is known.

Furthermore, the team has already proven its worth multiple times. For example, Metropoly has already released its marketplace’s first two beta versions – each with raving user reviews.

The best part about it all is that the team released the products even though the presale hasn’t even finished. This shows they are committed to seeing their vision come to fruition and aren’t here to deliver a sub-standard project.


Overall, there are a number of reasons why investors are flocking to the METRO presale. With the fundraising crossing $500,000 this week, the presale is expected to continue to gain traction over the coming weeks as it makes its way to the $1 million milestone in funding.

Metropoly is democratizing real estate investment, opening the doors to a plethora of new opportunities for crypto aficionados.