In 2023, Web3 is poised to be the dominant trend globally. This is because the resources invested into Web3 have begun to yield tangible results, even though it has already established itself strongly worldwide in 2022.

One sector that is embracing decentralized technology is real estate, with the revival of interest and efforts due to the application of new technical ideas such as NFTs. This has been a topic of discussion for some time but more recent technological developments have brought it further into the limelight.

In recent decades, rising real estate prices have made it difficult for younger investors to enter the market. However, the advent of Metropoly, a real estate NFT marketplace, is changing this dynamic. Many real estate experts believe that Metropoly has the potential to cause a significant shift in the Web3 space, making real estate investment accessible and affordable for all.

Why Does Real Estate Need Blockchain Technology?

Investment in real estate is a tradition that has been passed down from older generations to the younger ones. However, many young individuals today face a significant obstacle when it comes to investing in real estate – the high cost and complexity of the market.

The inability of younger generations to invest in real estate means that they miss out on its many benefits, such as protection against inflation, diversification of their investment portfolios, and the ability to invest in profitable real-world properties.

This is a major concern as real estate has great potential as a source of passive income and as a hedge against inflation. It can provide a secure source of income for younger generations and help to ensure that they are financially secure.

To address these issues, a new blockchain-based real estate market is emerging. This market offers an accessible and affordable way for individuals of all ages to invest in real estate, regardless of their financial status.

Metropoly is one of the platforms that is leading the way in this space. As an NFT marketplace for real estate properties, Metropoly offers NFTs that are 100% backed by real-world properties, making it possible for everyone to access the benefits of real estate investment.

Metropoly’s Beta 2.0 is A Sign of Things to Come

Metropoly offers a simple and user-friendly platform for individuals to invest in fractional real estate. The process of making an investment through Metropoly is straightforward, requiring users to simply connect their wallet, browse the marketplace for properties such as apartments, penthouses, or villas, and make a purchase starting at $100.

A beta version of the platform is currently available for users to explore. This allows them to view the properties offered, participate in ongoing auctions, and view the payouts tab. The Metropoly marketplace will feature properties from all around the world and includes a leaderboard that displays the number of fractions of real estate owned their performance, and the dividends received. The properties listed in the prototype are for illustration purposes only.

Metropoly is also expected to launch its Beta 2.0 platform in the days to come. This will bring additional features to the beta version and users will be able to see more of how Metropoly can revolutionize the real estate industry.

In addition to its easy-to-use platform, Metropoly also provides an exciting opportunity for users to win a $1 million apartment in Burj Khalifa through its $1 million giveaway. The potential rental income from this property could reach $100,000 annually, making it a substantial reward. To participate in the contest, users need to complete social and marketing tasks such as tweeting about Metropoly, joining the Discord and/or Telegram channel, and signing up for the newsletter, among others.

Metropoly Democratizes Real Estate

The Metropoly platform, which uses blockchain technology to provide fractional real estate investment opportunities, has already made significant strides in the industry.

Presently, the Metropoly presale is underway but it looks like it will end very soon. The project has managed to raise over $432,000 in its presale with the target being $500,000.

During the presale, investors can purchase the METRO token, which is an ERC-20 utility token with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. The cost of 1 METRO token is $0.05. The token can be bought using USDT, ETH, or BNB.

All presale investors are eligible to join the Platinum Member’s Club, which offers exclusive benefits such as early access to the Metropoly Beta and a Metropoly NFT. The more one invests, the better the perks, with higher-tier investors receiving real estate NFTs worth $10,000 and cashback on rental income.

The Metropoly platform has a lot going for it and the buzz surrounding the project is growing on social media. The prototype platform is available for users to test, which is a good indication of its potential. Additionally, the platform’s contract code has been verified by SolidProof, and the identities of the team members have been verified by CertiK.

Metropoly is a perfect example of how blockchain technology can be used to bring innovation to the real estate industry. It offers a convenient platform for anyone, regardless of investment size, to enter the real estate market without dealing with complex red tape. Whether it’s someone with only $100 to invest or someone with tens of thousands, Metropoly makes it possible for everyone to tap into the benefits of real estate investment.

Metropoly is Leading a Real Estate Revolution

In a rapidly changing and unpredictable market, real estate remains a constant and profitable investment. However, the complex nature of the industry has made it difficult for the average person to invest in properties.

Metropoly, a blockchain-based platform, aims to change this by offering an accessible and easy-to-use platform for real estate investment. With the ability to purchase properties from various locations worldwide in just minutes, Metropoly is set to transform the traditional, exclusive investment market and democratize access to real estate investment.