The presale for the Metropoly native token, METRO, is quickly approaching the half-a-million fundraising milestone as investors rapidly rush into the real-estate-based NFT marketplace that provides holders with a passive monthly income.

Metropoly is on a mission to democratize real estate investing by providing the easiest and quickest way to buy real estate within 20 seconds and with as little as $100.

Metropoly Quickly Approaching $500,000 in Fundraising.

The Metropoly presale is well on its way to hitting the $500,000 milestone, as the presale fundraising currently sits at the $433,000 level. The presale is currently in the eighth stage and sells the METRO token at $0.05.

Investors are quickly hurrying to get involved in the METRO token as early as possible, with the presale almost hitting its final stretch. They believe that Metropoly is creating an NFT marketplace that has serious utility as investors seeking to diversify their portfolio will be able to easily purchase real estate and use the same asset class that the richest 1% of the world used to grow their wealth.

So far, over 1000 people have participated in the presale – creating a strong foundation for a community of diamond hands during the presale.

Why is Everybody Excited About Metropoly?

Everybody is extremely excited about the Metropoly project because it finally provides a method for investors to enter the real estate market easily. The team behind the project has officially created the world’s first NFT marketplace that is backed by real-world income-generating properties.

Metropoly is specifically on a mission to democratize real estate investing and open the doors to regular investors worldwide. All of the properties on the Metropoly marketplace are fractionalized into little pieces and sold individually – allowing users to begin their real estate portfolios with as little as $100 in starting capital.

Typically, investing in real estate is a lengthy process and is often closed off to regular everyday investors. This is primarily because real estate properties require hefty down payments, lots of paperwork, and strong credit scores. Metropoly is seeking to change this dynamic by creating the easiest way to invest in real estate without the need for banks or loans. Furthermore, geographic restrictions won’t be a problem for investors on Metropoly, meaning anybody from any country can invest in any property.

Investors are also becoming increasingly excited because Metropoly opens the doors to diversifying their portfolios. For example, crypto is well known for its extremely high volatility, while other markets, such as real estate, are often considered much safer investments. With Metropoly, investors can easily hedge their portfolios by swapping crypto for real-estate-backed NFTs and earn a passive income through the process.

Overall, investors are increasingly getting excited because Metropoly is changing the way real estate investing is conducted for the better by integrating modern technology into the sector.

Metropoly: Increasing Efficiency and Opening Doors in the Real Estate Market

Although the properties are fractionalized, investors still receive all the benefits you might expect from investing in real estate. For example, holding one of the NFTs of the properties provides holders with a passive income. Furthermore, holders can also take advantage of any appreciation in property value by selling their NFTs on the marketplace.

The NFTs are able to generate a passive income because the team behind Metropoly handles all of the maintenance issues associated with the property and ensures there is a tenant there paying rent. As a result, real estate investors simply have to purchase the NFT to start generating a monthly passive income that is paid in USDC.

Beta Marketplace Already Released

The presale is also starting to accelerate fundraising after investors learn about the team’s dedication to the project. The team has already created the first beta version of its marketplace, even before the presale has finished. This shows that the team is actively developing its project rather than waiting for funding to begin development.

Furthermore, the team is almost ready to release the second beta version of its marketplace in the coming days;

The prototype is beautifully designed and shows users everything they might need to know about their investments from one dashboard;

The Metropoly Marketplace allows users to do the following;

  • Buy real estate NFTs to receive a monthly rental income.
  • Sell real estate NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Auction a real estate NFT for the best price.
  • Trade NFTs with ease.
  • Borrow against RENs at a competitive interest rate and LTV Ratio.
  • Transfer ownership and move in by acquiring 100% of the real estate NFT shares on the option.
  • Vote on decision rights for the property.

Overall, the beta version of the marketplace proves that the concept is practical and that the team has the competency to bring its vision to life.

Last Chance to Buy Before Price Hikes

As mentioned, Metropoly is quickly approaching the $500,000 milestone in fundraising, meaning your last chance to buy METRO for $0.05 is quickly running out. There are many benefits for early adopters. For example, investors are automatically enrolled in the Platinum Members Club when they invest during the presale, granting them early access to the marketplace, a special unique NFT, and discounts when using METRO. Furthermore, those that use the Bonus Code: LAUNCH20 today will receive an additional 20% on your purchase.

Buying METRO in the presale provides the best opportunity for investors at the lowest possible prices, meaning they will likely come out of the presale with already banked profits.

In Addition, Metropoly has already established strong partnerships in the industry. For example, they have a partnership with ChainAdoption – which has worked with heavyweights such as Polkadot, Tron, and EOS. They also have a partnership with Tenset, which incubated Matahero and Everdome Coin, which made more than 20x after launching.