Battle Infinity, the metaverse ecosystem pioneering the play to earn industry, has announced that they are to be listing on the Coin98 Exchange.

Will Battle Infinity dethrone other Indian e-sports giants?

Battle Infinity is a project that hopes to compete with some of the giants in the e-sports space, particularly in India where the project is based.

Giants of the e-sports industry such as Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League will be forced to contend with the rising popularity and exponential growth of projects like Battle Infinity, which was so popular that it raised 16,500 BNB in just 25 days.

One of the core advantages that Battle Infinity has against these incumbents is the adaptability that the project has.

As a P2E ecosystem, Battle Infinity is at the cutting edge of a changing dynamic in the world of gaming, and has been steadily continuing to gain traction.

IBAT lists on Coin98 Dex

IBAT has announced that they are listing on Coin98 Dex, which is an extremely popular exchange for trading a whole rang of trading pairs.

More listings mean more volume

When a token is listed on more exchanges, it is generally a positive thing for the price.

The reason for this is that when a token is listed on more exchanges, there are more eyes on the ticker symbol, and the token can attract more liquidity.

Large centralised exchanges can be particularly useful for listing, since they have a lot more liquidity than their decentralised counterparts.

Although decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap have been rising in popularity, the overwhelming majority of liquidity is on the larger centralised exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.

For this reason, the team at Battle Infinity have been focused on listing on a range of different exchanges; aside from Coin98, IBAT has also listed on LBANK.

IBAT price rises

As a result of the news of the listing, the price of IBAT has risen.  Since the initial listing on Pancakeswap, the price of IBAT is now up over 100% in just a few short weeks.

Traders, speculators, and gamers are all excited about the upcoming products being launched as a part of the Battle Infinity ecosystem. Most notably, people are looking forward to the upcming staking programme, which creates a favourable dynamic in which people will have the opportunity to stake IBAT or LP tokens.

Their tokens will be locked up for a fixed duration of time in exchange for IBAT-denominated yield.

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