But what if things didn’t have to be that way? What if inventive new projects aimed to be sustainable and reliable instead of explosive? Would the crypto industry as a whole mature and develop into the global powerhouse we all anticipate?

Creative new crypto gaming projects like MetaBlaze seem to think so. MetaBlaze has designed a revolutionary approach to play to earn crypto gaming that will be a vehicle of innovation and reinvent what gamers expect from NFT games forever. Instead of a gamified pump and dump scheme, MetaBlaze is crafting an iconic, immersive and sustainable MetaVerse where players can enjoy a rich and compelling game-first ecosystem, with the added benefit of earning stable rewards.

A Game-First Metaverse

A common problem most crypto games face is that they are, well, boring. That’s because so far, play to earn crypto gaming has essentially been disguised as gamified reward farming. Game developers have been so focused on tokenomics that they’ve missed the most important point about game design, it needs to be fun.

This is where MetaBlaze sets itself apart from the competition. Since day one, MetaBlaze has devoted unmatched time and attention into crafting a deeply immersive and rich gameworld. The MetaBlaze universe is eternally complex and boasts a wealth of compelling lore and storytelling, the likes of which play to earn crypto games have never seen before.

The MetaBlaze story begins in Galaxia Blue, a mysterious and perilous galaxy ravaged by a catastrophic nuclear disaster. Amongst the wreckage of an interstellar utopia, cybernetic factions vie for survival and attempt to restore their civilization to its rightful place in the cosmos.

The MetaBlaze universe is constantly evolving. Through a series of interlinked and immersive play to earn crypto games, Galaxia Blue is ever-expanding. With an endless host of new cybernetic races, mysterious planets and thousands of unique player-owned characters, the possibilities for growth are limitless. The potential for brave trail blazers to forge their own paths in the Metaverse is an exciting prospect brought to life by MetaBlaze for the first time ever.

For the first time ever, players will have the opportunity to write their own stories and lead their own destinys in a vast and mysterious Metaverse. Their actions, whether heroic or nefarious, will be written in the history of Galaxia Blue and coded directly into the blockchain that ties the universe together forever.

In MetaMinez, the first NFT game of the unfolding intergalactic saga players will take control of the MetaGoblin NFTs, an eccentric and resourceful race searching for Terranzinite crystals the “Blue Moon SES.” Securing Terranzinite crystals is essential for the survival of the MetaGoblin civilization, yet their quest will set into motion a chain of events beyond their understanding as new galactic forces are pulled into the rapidly evolving story.

MetaBlaze’s Revolutionary Play to Earn Economy

Despite being a game-first universe, MetaBlaze has also crafted a solid and robust play to earn crypto economy. Previously, crypto gaming has suffered from hyperinflationary tokenomics and native token emissions that have been implemented to create hype and bring players en masse.

In doing so, players feel like they’re hit the jackpot and can earn enormous amounts of money simply by playing the game. Inevitably, inflation catches up and the value of the native token crumbles like a house of cards the very second demand slows down.

Seeking to rectify the failures of its competitors, MetaBlaze reinvents the blueprint of play to earn crypto games. While other NFT games print new tokens with impunity, MetaBlaze chooses to reward players with their favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. This empowers Metablaze players to earn consistent, stable crypto rewards and nullifies sell pressure on $MBLZ, the native token of the MetaBlaze play to earn economy.

As if that wasn’t enough, $MBLZ is programmed to increase scarcity of the token through a myriad of different burn mechanisms. Purchasing one-off consumables that boost rewards and mystery boxes packed with rewards burns $MBLZ and effectively makes the token deflationary. The MetaBlaze team anticipates that 48% of all $MBLZ tokens will be burnt overtime. As token scarcity increases, the remaining supply naturally becomes more valuable and coveted by players.

$MBLZ will be invaluable in the Blaziverse dApp. A central hub for all things MetaBlaze, this is where players can manage their accounts, play to earn crypto rewards and Mint NFTs – all in one convenient location. This is just the beginning for the Blaziverse dApp.

As if all these groundbreaking features weren’t enough, it really is just the beginning. MetaBlaze’s increasingly immersive series of linked NFT games act as a curtain raiser to the main event, MetaBlaze’s RPG. The jewel in the MetaBlaze crown, is an epic, RPG (Role-playing game). An interstellar masterpiece that will launch as its AAA game title, where all earlier mini games, the stories, and the characters come together.

Community – The Heart of MetaBlaze

In the true spirit of Web3, the community’s best interests are at the heart of the MetaBlaze ecosystem. Since day one, the MetaBlaze team has been focused on strengthening the community ties between players and enabling them to be involved in the creation of the Galaxia Blue universe. In addition to driving social integration within its community and the wider crypto gaming audience.

The Official MetaBlaze Telegram and Discord channels are alive with excitement. Even now, alliances are being forged between community members who are already forming their own guilds and empires among the factions of Galaxia Blue. Players can’t wait to dive into MetaBlaze NFT games and start exploring the enigmatic depths of the game world while earning generous rewards in a sustainable play to earn economy.

MeatBlaze will also be hosting IRL events where community members can meet in the physical world to share happy memories of different MetaBlaze experiences. This will further establish MetaBlaze as a recognisable brand and household name in the crypto gaming industry. Who knows, perhaps some future Galaxia Blue conspiracies will be hatched offline in secret between players that will have an impact on in game galactic politics.

Such is the MetaBlaze team’s commitment to absolute transparency, the founding members have even completed meticulous KYC procedures to ensure trust and accountability. The MetaBlaze core team is fully doxxed and has taken the additional security measure of having all contracts audited by Certik, one of the industry’s most respected security agencies.

Set your Co-ordinates for Galaxia Blue – $MBLZ Token Sale

The MetaBlaze token presale is nearing a close, approaching its $4M hard cap. After successfully raising over $3.46 million USD, the final stages of the $MBLZ presale is an opportunity to join thousands of passionate crypto gaming visionaries at the genesis of a true play to earn crypto trendsetter.

There are astounding benefits for presale buyers. Early investors are rewarded with an extra 5% bonus token allocation per transaction.

Thanks to groundbreaking new projects like MetaBlaze, the crypto gaming industry is finally starting to mature and show signs of long-term stability. By replacing archaic rewards structures with a sustainable play to earn economy and designing a breathtaking and intrepid game world, MetaBlaze is nobly carrying the torch that will guide crypto gaming into the future.

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