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Meta Masters Guild is set to list MEMAG tokens on centralized exchanges BitMart and HitBTC from March 15 – the same day it launches its new staking service.

Web3’s first mobile gaming platform listed on its first exchanges, and Uniswap, on March 1 after selling out its $4.97 million presale in just five weeks.

BitMart is the 14th-ranked crypto exchange globally with 24-hour trading volume of $730 million, according CoinGecko.

HitBTC has been operating for a decade and currently lists more than 500 coins – with the exchange having a 24-hour trading volume in excess of $470 million.

The addition of both exchanges will add substantial liquidity to the MEMAG market.

Meanwhile, it can also be reported that Meta Masters Guild received its CoinGecko listing on March 7.

The Meta Masters Guild team says that there will be further exchange listings announcements in the weeks ahead, with MEMAG currently trading at $0.016.

MEMAG Staking Entices Token Holders with 75% Introductory Offer

MEMAG token holders will welcome the start of staking – with holders contributing to the staking pools able to earn generous APY of up to 75% as an introductory offer up to the end of April.

Here are the full details:

  • 7-day lockup – 75% APY available from March 15 until end of April as an introductory offer. If you lock up for the full duration of this period (March 15 to end of April) you receive an extra 9%.
  • 30-day lockup – 7.5% APY
  • 90-day lockup – 15% APY

memag token staking

The 30- and 90-day lockups are deliberately designed to balance rewarding stakers with sustainability.

Meta Masters Guild believes that the crypto community has had enough of projects enticing investors with unrealistic yields, only for the protocol to implode later.

To stake their tokens, holders simply need to visit the homepage and click the staking button to get started:

  1. Once holders connect their crypto wallet they will see the different lock-up options available in the menu that appears.
  2. Stakers select the period of lockup they are happy with and the number of tokens they wish to stake and the process is completed.
  3. Head back to the same page when the staking period ends to claim the reward.

Staking provides holders with a way of earning yield prior to the first game launching – but even after games are up and running, not all tokens will be tied with playing or buying in-game assets, so the staking facility allows MEMAG holders to earn passive income.

Gamearound Studio is Developing the First Game – Meta Kart Racers

Meta Masters Guild already has its first game studio, Gamearound, on board and they are handling the development of the ecosystem’s first game – Meta Kart Racers.

Gamearound is an experienced games developer having already created games for the likes of Boohoo, a highly successful online fashion retailer with revenues in excess of $1 billion.

Meta Masters Guild’s ethos is to break the mold of play-to-earn (P2E) by pivoting to play-and-earn.

In other words, it wants to reimagine P2E, so it is not about paying to play boring games – instead, the emphasis is on exciting and engaging gameplay, with the ability to earn and own in-game assets as a part of that.

Taking this approach, Meta Kart Racers will have both free-to-play and play-and-earn options.

Also, as will be the case with all the guild’s games, Meta Kart Racers – which is expected later in 2023 – is to be released on mobile to appeal to the hundreds of millions of casual gamers around the world.

In the P2E version, players earn Gems from their in-game activity and also win rare NFTs.

To get going with Meta Kart Racers, users select their favorite driver and kart and then choose from one of the many fun racing tracks.

You can also play-and-earn in arcade mode to win rare NFTs, with all Meta Masters Guild NFTs playable as in-game characters once purchased and rendered in 3D.

One Mobile Gaming Guild to Rule Them All

Meta Masters Guild is targeting the mobile play-to-earn games space, which means its production costs are much lower than for console game publishers.

Mobile games are also much more profitable and more appealing to casual gamers than console and PC games.

memag hitbtc bitmart

MEMAG tokens get their value from their utility as the native tokens of the whole ecosystem, with players accessing the ecosystem using the $MEMAG token, while rewards are paid out in the Gems – which can be converted back to MEMAG.

Users will also of course be able to trade the tokens, in addition to the staking described above.

Evidence of the huge potential of the Web3 gaming space was seen in the mushrooming value of the AXS token of the Axie Infinity ecosystem – at one stage its value pumped 1,000x.

Meta Masters Guild intends not only to emulate Axie Infinity but to better it with games gamers actually want to play.

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Join the crypto gaming revolution by investing in Meta Masters Guild.

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