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The play to earn segment of the cryptocurrency industry exploded in importance during the last bull market, and has continued to gain traction throughout the bear. One new project, Meta Masters Guild, is hoping to capitalise on the hype by building a brand new gaming guild ecosystem whose first game is a kart racer in the metaverse.

MEMAG presale raises $1.2m

The MEMAG presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the last couple of weeks and has now managed to successfully raise $1.2m for their goals of becoming a premier gaming guild.

The Meta Masters Guild team hope to differentiate themselves from other projects by creating a gaming guild that not only offers all the scholarships and awards that one would expect of a traditional gaming guild, but that also creates its own games for its community, which creates a more synergistic dynamic.

Race karts in the metaverse for your faction

In the first game that the team are creating as a part of the guild, players have to choose between one of three different factions: cyber, apes, and punks.

Once chosen, they are then to represent their team and to compete against representatives of the other factions in races, with those who are the most successful gamers being awarded in play to earn rewards.

The MEMAG token is to be distributed for these rewards, and can be used across all of the different games that are to constitute the Meta Masters Guild metaverse, with a variety of different use cases including upgrading game skins and avatars.

One of the most significant ways in which the team plans to make the gaming experience more compelling is by offering the chance to participate in these play to earn games via mobile devices, as well as playing on desktop. This is hugely important, since over 60% of virtual games are now played on such devices.

How to buy before the next price rise

The presale is currently underway on the Meta Masters Guild website, where the team have managed to raise an impressive $1.2m thus far.

It is being conducted in a series of stages, meaning that those who contribute at the earlier stages are able to acquire tokens for a significant discount compared to those who do so later on.

Speculators who wish to contribute to the presale ought to head over to the Meta Masters Guild on their website, where they can acquire tokens for early bird prices – the token can be acquired with either ETH or USDT via one’s Web3 wallet.

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