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Fight Out ($FGHT) is a new move-to-earn (M2E) health and fitness app that uses metaverse Web3 technology to revolutionize the fitness industry and offer users crypto rewards for staying fit.

The M2E project has garnered significant interest from investors, with a jaw-dropping $5.5 million raised already in presale investments.

With just one day left until the price increases, $FGHT is on the right trajectory to become the hottest metaverse coin in the space.

Battle of the Metaverse: $FGHT Vs. Meta and Apple

Tech giants see huge opportunity potential in the metaverse world – an ideal term for a futuristic immersive vision of the internet integrated with real-world capabilities.

Facebook-parent Meta has taken a major step toward the prospect. As its new brand name suggests, it has already teamed up with Microsoft to build momentum in the space.

Apple is also forging its path through the new hardware and online worlds, some of which will be merged with Web3 technology like NFTs.

While these may sound exciting, it is worth noting that both Meta and Apple still need to take the metaverse in full grasp. Apple is yet to create any major innovation, while Meta has already recorded a colossal loss worth over $13.72 billion in the previous year.

Experts believe that Fight Out has the potential to thrive in the metaverse world in 2023 and offer users various personalized sports, fitness activities, and financial perks compared to other Metaverse projects – here’s why.

Over the past few years, move-to-earn has gained significant momentum within the blockchain and web community due to its health and fitness utility and added financial perks for each user.

Furthermore, due to its metaverse alignment, Fight Out provides a robust app that enables users to create non-fungible token (NFT) avatars on their first sign-up on the platform. These NFT avatars are interoperable with users’ real-life health and fitness progress.

Fight Out also offers a comprehensive fitness solution, with plans to open Web3-powered gyms worldwide. The gyms will include cutting-edge equipment and services, as well as Web3-powered features such as digital mirrors that display the user’s fitness profile and sensors that track workouts to provide ongoing advice and insights.

Users can earn REPS tokens by working out at home or a gym and competing with other users for more tokens. These tokens can be used to get discounts on app subscriptions, gym memberships, personal training sessions, and other products.

The buzz around the project’s native token has already attracted significant investor interest, with a presale that raised over $5.5 million.

Unlike Meta and Apple with failed projects, demand for $FGHT has significantly surged as words of Fight Out integral features and centralized exchange listing draws near.

The crypto project goal is to expand the use of $FGHT as a primary means of transaction in the metaverse world and rejuvenate people’s health and fitness activities in both the real world and the metaverse, creating a bright spark for fitness fans globally.

FGHT Collaboration With UFC: The Major Step in Metaverse Combat Sport

Fight Out has taken a keen interest in the UFC as it is an ideal brand propeller for the crypto project sport, health, and fitness concepts.

Renowned UFC fighters have come out to support the fast-rising web3 venture, with Armanda Ribas and Taila Santos already on board as the first two UFC ambassadors, and more to follow in March.

Savannah Marshall, a world champion boxer, and fitness blogger Tremayne Dortch have also joined the project to lead fight challenges and contests.

Fight Out participants can undertake these challenges and partake in fitness video classes based on strength and conditioning, mobility, and technique.

Even better, users are offered the chance to face off against their heroes in an exciting Soulbound stat battle.

Fight Out $5.5m Presale Investment Sets the Stage for CEX Listing

The innovative metaverse token, $FGHT, has raised over $5.5 million from early investors in its presale. The token’s value will gradually increase every twelve hours, and this will continue until March 31, when it will be listed for $0.0333.

Currently, 1 $FGHT trades at $0.02850, which is expected to increase to $0.0309 in less than 48 hours.

The Fight Out developers have confirmed that the $FGHT tokens will be listed on Changelly Pro, BitForex, LBank,, BKEX, Uniswap, and DigiFinex.

Users who invest in the digital asset presale will earn up to a 67% bonus when the token list on centralized exchanges.

Fight Out - Next Big Train-to-Earn Crypto

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